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Technical Studies Reference

Bar Numbering

The Bar Numbering study displays under the chart bars the bar number. Numbering starts at 1 counting from the beginning of the chart or from the start of the trading day based upon the chart Session Times.


  • Display At Bottom: Set this Input to Yes to display the bar number labels along the bottom edge of the chart.
  • Text Labels Tick Offset: This Input only applies if Display at Bottom is set to No. This Input specifies the offset in ticks of the price of a chart bar, to offset the bar number label below the Low of the chart bar.
  • Number Every N Bars: In order to reduce the amount of bar numbering labels and to improve performance, it is best to not label every chart bar. This Input controls the skipping of chart bars for labeling, so that every Nth bar is labeled. For example, if it is set to 2, then every second chart bar is labeled.
  • Do Not Reset at Start of New Day: When this is set to Yes, then the numbering starts from the first bar in the chart and continues to increment for each bar in the chart. When this is set to No, the numbering resets back to 1 at the Session Times >> Start Time in the Session Times settings. Or the Session Times >> Evening Start when using the Evening Session.

*Last modified Friday, 16th February, 2018.