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Technical Studies Reference

DownTick Volume

This study will display DownTick Volume, if possible, for a bar. Downtick volume is the volume of trades that occurred at a lower price than before. Trades that occurred at the same price and where the prior trade was at a lower price, are also considered downticks. This study only works on Intraday charts.

This study will only function accurately and correctly when you have tick by tick data in the chart data file. Refer to Tick by Tick Data Configuration for instructions to store chart data in a tick by tick format. If the real-time received data is stored as 1 Tick, but the historical data downloaded is not 1 Tick, then the times in the chart where you do not have 1 Tick data in the chart, this study will not function correctly.

*Last modified Friday, 08th March, 2019.