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Technical Studies Reference

Market Structure MSL/MSH

This study identifies Market Structure Lows and Highs on the chart. The bars where these occur will be colored. The color to use is controlled through the Subgraph color settings. You can also optionally show labels on the bars.


  • Draw Labels: If this is set to Yes, then HH (Higher High), LH (Lower High), LL (Lower Low), HL (Higher Low) labels will be displayed.
  • Y Offset for Labels: This is the actual price value that you want to offset the labels from the Highs or Lows of the price bars. Usually 0 is fine unless the labels are too close.
  • Display Price Values: When this Input is set to Yes and the Draw Labels Input is also set to Yes, then the low or high price for the bar will be displayed as well.

*Last modified Friday, 21st April, 2017.