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Resolving Custom Study File and Access Issues

This section details common issues with accessing Custom Study files or Access to Custom Studies. These are not studies that are developed by Sierra Chart. These are Custom Studies that have been created by a third party developer who is willing to share these studies with Sierra Chart users.

If you are having a problem with a Sierra Chart developed study, then contact Sierra Chart through the Support Board for help.

Custom Study Problems - Things to Check

A Custom Study can be automatically pushed from the developer to a list of specific users for use of the Custom Study, or a Custom Study may be downloaded from a website either for free or for a fee. Regardless of how the particular study is acquired, the developer of the study also has the ability to make the study generally available or they can control who can use the study based on the Sierra Chart Account Name.

The following lists the common reasons a Custom Study may not work, and how to resolve the issue:

  1. The user of the study is running Sierra Chart in Safe Mode. When in Safe Mode, all Custom Studies are removed from charts and it is not possible to add any Custom Studies. In order to verify if Sierra Chart is in Safe Mode, exit the program and restart. When the initial Login window is present, look to see if the option for Safe Mode is selected. If it is, unselect it in order to start Sierra Chart not in Safe Mode.
  2. The developer of a Custom Study can specify an Ending Date associated with specific users. After the Ending Date the Custom Study will cease to function for that user.

    If the Ending Date is set for the Custom Study for your account and you feel that this is incorrect, then as the user of the Custom Study you will need to contact the developer of the study to have them modify the Ending Data for your account associated with that Custom Study.

    As the Developer for a custom study that is having trouble with the Ending Date, be sure to check the Custom Studies Authorization page and ensure that the user either does not have an Ending Date specified, or that the Ending Date is in the future and is formatted correctly.
  3. Custom Studies can be setup to be automatically pushed out to the users of the study.

    As the user of a Custom Study that is set to have the files automatically sent, but you are not receiving the updated study, then ensure that the option for File Downloads is Enabled on the Enabled Studies and Files to Download page.

    As the Developer of a Custom Study that is set to automatically download to users, ensure that the all the necessary files are set to download. Control of these files can be accessed through the Custom Study Control Panel.
  4. The Custom Study may not be authorized for use for your particular Sierra Chart Account Name. To ensure that you are properly authorized to use a particular Custom Study contact the developer and ensure that your Account Name is entered correctly for the study. The Account Name can be found under Help >> About within Sierra Chart.

    Make sure you provide the exact Account Name that you see. If there is any mistake with this, you will not be authorized for the custom studies.

    The developer can check the users that are authorized and add users as necessary from their Custom Studies Authorization Control Panel.
  5. The Account Name is not properly entered for the particular study. To ensure that the correct Account Name is entered, select Help >> About within Sierra Chart. The Account Name is listed in the middle of the About Sierra Chart window. This Account Name should be sent to the developer of the Custom Study to ensure that it is entered properly in the Custom Studies Authorization Control Panel.
  6. If the Custom Study is not even being listed as a study to be a added to a chart, then it is possible that the custom studies DLL file has not downloaded properly. Restart Sierra Chart in order to force the download of the necessary files. Make sure the DLL file that contains the custom studies is located in the Sierra Chart Data Files Folder. The custom studies developer will know the name of the DLL file.
  7. The particular custom studies DLL file is not compatible with the architecture of the current running Sierra Chart. In other words, it may be a 32-bit version but the user is running the 64-bit version of Sierra Chart. For complete instructions about this, refer to Custom Study Not Listed or Not Displaying on Chart.
  8. It is possible that the developer of the study has not setup the automatic distribution of the files properly. In this case, contact the developer of the study and ensure that they have properly setup the files that need to be downloaded to Sierra Chart for the Custom Study.
  9. Finally, perform a Forced Login to ensure that Sierra Chart receives the proper authorization data for the custom studies.

*Last modified Sunday, 29th July, 2018.