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Sierra Chart Purchase and License Information

How to Access Sierra Chart

  • For access to Sierra Chart you need to have a Sierra Chart Account. And you need to have downloaded and installed Sierra Chart.

    If you already have an account, Login to Your Account to activate a Service Package and make a payment if your account Usage Time is expired, or to manage your account.
  • If you are a new user and do not have an account, then Create an Account here.

    When you create an account you will receive 15 days of Sierra Chart with Advanced Features for free. Some accounts may require activation and you will be told that when you run Sierra_ Chart. Activations will be done within 24 hours. After this trial time is up, refer to the Renewing Access section.
  • When your Usage Time ends there is nothing to cancel. To renew access, refer to the Renewing Access section.

Renewing Access


The Sierra Chart Service Packages which include the software and included data services are paid for in 1, 3, or 6 month increments depending upon what you choose. You pay for Usage Time of Sierra Chart by activating on your account the particular Service Package you want, and then add sufficient credit to the Services Balance to pay for that. This is the basic model of billing.

Your account has an ending date for the Service Package that you have active and paid for on your account. Just before the ending date is about to expire, this ending date for your Sierra Chart Service Package is extended by 1, 3, or 6 months depending upon the Service Package time period activated, if there is sufficient credit on the Services Balance. The cost of the Service Package is deducted from the Services Balance.

It is recommended to keep a sufficient balance on the Services Balance for at least several months of Usage Time depending upon what you require.

The Sierra Chart software will notify you approximately 4 days before the current ending date of the Usage Time to remind you to activate a Service Package for renewal if this has not already been done, or to add additional credit your Services Balance to renew your current Service Package if there is an insufficient balance for renewal. This notification is through the System Notification window which appears when starting Sierra Chart when there is a message to be viewed, or automatically appears when a message becomes available on your account. You will also get an email message if your Services Balance is too low. Refer to the images below.

To find your Service Package Usage Time ending date, select Help >> Account Control Panel on the Sierra Chart menu. The Current Usage Time Ending Date will be displayed on your Account Control Panel page.

The ending date will be automatically extended as long as a Service Package is active on your account and you have a sufficient Services Balance to pay for renewals. If there is an insufficient Services Balance on your account, the renewal will not happen until there is. Therefore, there is nothing to do when the Service Package Usage Time expires and there is an insufficient Services Balance to renew.

When the free trial Usage Time ends, follow the Instructions below.


Go to the Activate Services page. You will see instructions along with the current Service Package and number of Months set for renewal on your account. You can also go to the Activate Services page by selecting Help >> Add Usage Credit from within Sierra Chart.

Go to the Available Services >> Choose Usage Time Service Package section on that page. Refer to the image below.

Select the Service Package and number of Months from the list and press the Update/Set button. For a description of the two available Service Packages, refer to Description of Service Packages.

The Service Package for the number of Months selected will automatically renew so long as there is a sufficient Services Balance on your account. If there is not a sufficient Services Balance, the automatic renewal does not occur. There is normally not a need to use the Renew Now button on that form, if shown, since the renewal is automatic.

In this image below, you can see that if you do not have enough credit on your Services Balance on your account, that you need to make a payment in order to pay for the activated Service Package which will then extend the Usage Time ending date by the selected time period (1, 3, 6, or 12 months) for the current selected Service Package, if it is about to expire. To make a payment, click on the payment link.

In this image below, you can see the form for Add Account Credit to make a payment to your Services Balance. There are various payment methods available. Use whichever one is appropriate for you.

Visa American-Express Mastercard Maestro
Discover JCB UnionPay
BankWire Paypal

You can deactivate the current Service Package at any time on the Activate Services page. However, there is normally not a need to do this because if there is insufficient credit on the Services Balance a renewal will not automatically happen.

Automatic Renewals

Usage Time at a particular Service Package which allows you to use Sierra Chart, is added onto your Sierra Chart account in 1, 3, 6, 12 month increments at a time depending upon the number of months you selected on the Activate Services page. This occurs when Sierra Chart Usage Time is purchased.

One or two days before the Usage Time is about to expire, the Usage Time ending date on your account is extended by 1, 3, 6, 12 months and the payment for it is made from your Services Balance on your Sierra Chart account if there is a sufficient balance.

So if you have 200 USD on your Services Balance and your cost of a particular Service Package is 20 USD per month, then this is enough to pay for 10 months and your account will automatically renew for 10 months, at the selected time interval, if the Service Package is set for renewal on your account.

This has the advantage that you can suspend your account at any time and just keep the balance as a reserve for future use.

When a Service Package for Usage Time is set for renewal on your account and when that Usage Time is about to expire, if there is an insufficient balance on the Services Balance to pay for the selected Service Package and the Number of Months, it will not be extended. So even if there is enough of a Services Balance to pay for Usage Time at a 1 month interval but you have chosen to purchase a higher number of months at a time, there will be no automatic renewal if there is not enough funds to pay for the number of months you selected.

There is also no automatic billing of a credit or debit card. As soon as you manually make a payment, the Usage Time will be extended at that time.

Therefore, it is not necessary to cancel services or do anything if you do not want to renew Usage Time on your Sierra Chart account, and your Services Balance is insufficient to pay for the Usage Time at the Service Package and number of months chosen.

Additionally, other services like Additional Systems and the Denali Exchange Data Feed will also not renew if there is an insufficient balance.

Unlike Sierra Chart Usage Time, when you add credit to your account, the Denali Exchange Data Feed / Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed will not automatically renew if there was insufficient balance previously because it is automatically canceled and will not renew the following month. You will need to go to the Recurring Services page to reactivate these services.

Free Mode

When your Sierra Chart paid Usage Time ends, Sierra Chart is placed into Free Mode. It will not be able to connect to any external Data or Trading service in this mode. Some features of the program will be restricted like Advanced features. You are still able to open charts and view your existing chart data.

Studies and Drawing Tools and other features can still be used and you can do custom study development.

Sierra Chart will also be placed into Free Mode, when an update of an older Sierra Chart version becomes mandatory. In this case, when you start Sierra Chart, the Help >> Download Current Version command will automatically be triggered.

Lost Password

  • If you lost your Sierra Chart software password, use the Account Password Reset page to go through the process to reset and retrieve your Account Name and Password.


  • Each user should have a separate Sierra Chart account.
  • You can install Sierra Chart on as many computer systems as you want. For instructions, refer to the Software Download page.

    You will need to login into those additional copies with your Sierra Chart Account Name and Password. However, each Sierra Chart account can by default be used on 2 computer systems at the same time or concurrently unless you pay for additional systems (see below).

    However, you may not be able to connect to an external Data or Trading service more than once at the same time using the same external service username. That is a restriction imposed by external services and not Sierra Chart. A solution to this is to use the DTC Server. However, to access market data from the main server instance of Sierra Chart in another installation of Sierra Chart, these other installations of Sierra Chart can be used on the same computer system.

    If you are using the Denali Exchange Data Feed, then to access that real-time data on two computer systems at the same time, then refer to Denali Exchange Data Feed Connections.
  • You can install Sierra Chart multiple times (no restrictions on the number of installations/copies) on the same computer system and each of those copies can be used concurrently without restriction. For instructions, refer to Multiple Services or Using DTC Server for Data and Trading in Another Sierra Chart Instance.

    You can have many tens of copies of Sierra Chart on the same system running at the same time with a single license.
  • An installation of Sierra Chart is not linked in any way to a particular computer system. You can freely install Sierra Chart on any system or move it to any system you want. You just need to login to Sierra Chart using your Account Name and Password. There is only a limit to the number of simultaneous running instances of Sierra Chart on different systems unless you pay for more (see below).
  • If you wish to use Sierra Chart on more than 2 computer systems, you will need to pay for additional systems through the Activate Services page. A maximum of 3 is allowed. For more you need a separate Sierra Chart account.

Support Services

Users who pay for Sierra Chart directly to Sierra Chart may have entitlement to a reasonable amount of support to assist you with connections to external services and guidance for the most basic use of the software and services. The definition of reasonable and basic use is defined by Sierra Chart support within the context of the support request. In general reasonable support would be not more than 10 minutes of support per month per user.

Support outside of what is described here is within the discretion of Sierra Chart Support. Telephone support is usually chargeable and an extra service. It may be provided at no charge if it is the most efficient way to resolve a basic issue you are having.

It is fully within the discretion of Sierra Chart engineering support as to whether support is provided at no cost or is billable. If you have a question or request, it is subject to being billed. We will advise you of this ahead of time.

Support which is not considered part of the service packages is billed at 65 USD per hour. You will be notified of this ahead of time. This charge applies to whether support is provided on the Support Board or through a remote assistance session.

Customers who do not have direct paid accounts do not have entitlement to support. This includes Sierra Chart accounts provided through a broker. Those are not entitled to support. Any support provided is subject to a cost of 65 USD per hour.

Invoices for Payments

To get an invoice for payment you have made for Sierra Chart Usage Time or other services, go to the Transaction Log page.

It is possible to add additional text to the customer information which by default includes the name and address. You may want to add a tax ID. To do that, set the "Additional Invoice Text" first through the Manage Account Information page.


  • To request a refund, make this request through an Account Support Ticket. Refer to the information below for the specific refund terms and conditions.
  • As a matter of policy any refund requests for either of the Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available from Sierra Chart or for exchange fees will not be made. You have been advised of this before confirming a payment for these services. These are a direct cost to us that we cannot obtain refunds for ourselves. There are some exceptions to this rule, in the case of a genuine mistake and if we can arrange a refund. But this is something that has to be determined case-by-case and there are service fees for this at 50 USD per hour.

    Even in the event of a technical problem with the data feed, there is still not a basis for the refund unless the feed was totally inaccessible at all times for you. A momentary interruption with the data feed or a data error, which are exceptional conditions, are not the basis for a refund because these conditions at most would constitute an event which is .001% or less of the overall time the data feed is provided and of the overall data. The data feed is already provided at cost and at a very substantial discount. So there simply is no room whatsoever for a refund for a problem that constituted .001% or less of an otherwise reliable feed provided.
  • A reason for a refund needs to be given. A refund for the remaining Services Balance or usage time on your account can be made according to the following terms.
  • A minimum refund fee of 5 USD/EUR may be charged against any refund made.
  • Refund requests for amounts less than 10 USD are not made.
  • There may also be a deduction for support expenses at a rate of USD 50 per hour. Do understand that providing support to users whether online or via telephone does cost us money and is not refundable.
  • For refund to be given, there must be a means by which a refund transaction can actually be made. It usually is not possible to refund the payment card directly after a certain amount of time has passed. Usually three months. In this case an alternative will be to receive the money through a PayPal account.
  • Any refunds to a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency address, will have the network fees present at the time, deducted from the refund amount.
  • Refunds through PayPal will have the PayPal fees deducted because we do not receive a refund of those from PayPal.


  • All of your account information is kept private and is never disclosed other than for the reasons stated below.
  • When a payment is made for Sierra Chart, your name and address information you have set in your account details is provided to the payment processor and their bank, which you choose to use among the supported payment processors. Additionally, if you choose to use the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed, name and address information is provided to the data feed vendor of record and to the exchanges as is required.
  • We do not have access to your credit/debit card number since this is processed by outside payment processors.


If you would like to cancel your Sierra Chart service, follow the instructions below.

  1. Deactivate/disable the Service Package renewal on your account. This is done through the Activate Services page. The existing Usage Time will expire at its expiration date.
  2. Deactivate the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed on your account if you are using that. This is done through the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed Features page.
  3. Deactivate the Denali Exchange Data Feed on your account if you are usin that. This is done through the Denali Exchange Data Feed Features page. Also refer to the Canceling the Denali Exchange Data Feed documentation.
  4. There is not any automatic billing to your credit/debit card. So that is not anything with which to be concerned.
  5. If you want a refund of your Services Balance, then start an Account Support Ticket. First refer to the Refund Policy.

Recurring Billing

Normally there is not automatic or recurring billing to a credit or debit card for Sierra Chart. All payments must be manually initiated by a user.

Recently, automatic payments through the Stripe payment processor has been added and can be used. To use this, go to the Add Account Credit page.

If you are not using the automatic payment option, you will pay for the services that you require ahead of time by making a payment to your Services Balance.

In the case of your Sierra Chart Service Package and the Denali Exchange Data Feed if you are using it, the payment for these services is made automatically from the Services Balance on your account before the particular service expires.

Therefore, you generally want to make sure you have a sufficient credit on the Services Balance for your account to keep the services you require active.

Renewal Dates

Some Sierra Chart services renew on the particular date they expire which can be on any day in a calendar month. Other services renew according to the calendar month and therefore renew at the beginning of the month.

Sierra Chart Usage Time (Service Packages ) renews when the existing usage time on your account expires. So this can be at any time in the month. You can see your Sierra Chart account usage time expiration date in the Account Details section on the main control panel page.

Exchange Fees renew exactly at the start of a calendar month according to the UTC time zone.

Therefore, these two costs/fees, are not always in sync with each other. Additionally Sierra Chart usage time is paid for in increments of 31 days or a multiple of 31 days.

Services Balance Backing

All Sierra Chart service balances are backed by 100 percent physical gold fully owned by Sierra Chart with no liabilities.

While these balances are small and used to pay for Sierra Chart services and generally this is of little significance, Sierra Chart does believe in gold and silver as real money and believes in a free-market money system without central banking.

Suspending Usage Time

To suspend Sierra Chart Usage Time renewals on your account, set the Service Package to renew to Disabled on the Services Activation page. The existing Usage Time on your account will remain, and will be used up normally.

If you anticipate wanting to suspend your Usage Time, it is recommended that you set the Service Package on your account to only one of the 1 Month options rather than a longer time. This will renew month-to-month. You can do this on the Services Activation page.

If there is a significant amount of Usage Time on your account, you can check this on your Account Control Panel, then contact Sierra Chart Support about this and we can convert the remaining Usage Time on your account to a credit on your Services Balance. The amount that will be credited depends upon how much Usage Time has been used already and the cost of that based on the price for that amount of Usage Time. For example, if you paid for 12 months of Usage Time, and you want to have 9 months moved to your credit balance, then you will be billed for the 3 months, at the 3 month price and not according to the 12 month price.

Exclusive Agreements

Sierra Chart does not engage in any kind of exclusive agreements.

Below are some examples of this.

We will not enter into an exclusive agreement with a single reseller in a particular geographical area to offer Sierra Chart.

We will not enter into an agreement containing language which excludes us from later entering into any kind of an agreement relating to Sierra Chart with individual users, resellers or businesses, that the agreement says should be excluded.

We will not enter into an agreement exclusively offering functionality in Sierra Chart to one particular entity to the exclusion of anyone else. This excludes some custom development that was agreed ahead of time to be for that one particular entity, but in that particular case it would be developed as something completely separate and not part of Sierra Chart.

Some feature or functionality that is developed as part of Sierra Chart, is open to all even if we billed a specific entity extra for the development of that feature or functionality. Although in these cases what we normally bill is only a small portion of the actual cost to develop it.

Under no conditions, will an individual or business be cut off from the use of Sierra Chart other than for reason of nonpayment. We understand that users take the time to learn about Sierra Chart, do custom development for Sierra Chart with their own time and money, and therefore can become dependent on our products and services for a certain period of time. It is for this reason, that we always endeavor to maintain consistency as much as we can, maintain reliability and longevity of our products and services.

There is no promise being made here that Sierra Chart will always be available, available at the same prices, and always work the same way but this generally is our objective.

The price of Sierra Chart can be increased but these price increases will be reasonable and provided with notice when possible.

None of the above statements constitute any legally binding agreement. They are only statements of intention.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Sierra Chart does not sign nondisclosure agreements. If you are the provider of an API for your service, there should not be any nondisclosure agreement. You want to sell your service, and that service has a cost to it, so why should there be a nondisclosure agreement for the API? It makes no sense. To think there is something unique or special there, or something worth protecting is frivolous and lacks any merit and common sense.

If you want to tell us about something you would like to have added to Sierra Chart, then we are also not going to sign a nondisclosure agreement because this is functionality which is going to be part of Sierra Chart and available to our user base.

Additionally, there are a world of ideas. Anyone can come up with an idea, and your idea has already been thought of, or will be thought of at a later point in time independently and to think you have some kind of protection of that idea, and some claim against us, lacks any merit.

And we are the engineers. We are the ones who implement ideas. It is the implementation and execution of an idea which is the most difficult part. And it is through that process, that specific details about accomplishing it that have to be determined and implemented. This is the hard part and we do all of that work and those are our ideas.

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