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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 22:54:28 +0000

Data feed is not correct and I want to know whats wrong.

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[2023-12-04 14:49:28]
User907621 - Posts: 1
Hello. Im using sierra for my broker. When I open the sierra my chart jumps from 28 nov to 04 dec and my intraday looks so wrong it could be. Thats when I use apteros trading.

Here is the weird thing. When I changed to AMP broker then my data feed is right and looks perfect like it always have been before. But changing to apteros it misses data feed and I can not trade like this.

My question is, Is sierra the problem or apteros the problem? and who can help me
[2023-12-04 15:01:14]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
When connected to Apteros, select the chart that does not have the correct data and select "Edit >> Delete All Data and Download". The system will redownload the data for that symbol and reload it. Everything should be fine after that. If there is still a problem then we would need to see an image of your chart by following these instructions:
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