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Multiple Accounts in Same Name/Tax ID Number

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[2023-10-16 19:44:09]
RockyTheRescue - Posts: 4
I hope that someone can help me as I am getting conflicting answers.

If I have five accounts in the same name and tax ID at one broker (say Ironbeam), and want to trade all under the same login/instance of SC, how many data feeds do I need and is there anything that would designate me as a professional (number of accounts only thing I can think of) versus the non-professional I am?

Thanks in advance.
[2023-10-16 20:39:30]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
The number of accounts you trade has nothing to do with the Professional/Non-Professional standing, nor does it have a direct impact on the number of data feeds.

But, it could have an indirect impact, depending on how you setup your Sierra Chart for trading these accounts. In particular, what you need to take into account is the number of installations of Sierra Chart you will be using and how many computers you will be using.

The reason for this is that there are limitations for the number of computers both for the Sierra Chart software and for the Denali data. There are also limitations on the number of separate installations you can have on a single computer for the Denali data. For the information on the connection rules, refer to the following:
Denali Exchange Data Feed: Connections

With regards to the Sierra Chart software limits, you are allowed up to 3 different computers running Sierra Chart at the same time. You can add a 4th if you like for $16.00 per month.

If you can give us some information on how you want to set things up, we can help you work through the options.
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[2023-10-16 21:36:12]
RockyTheRescue - Posts: 4
Thank you for responding John.

All of the accounts would be with Ironbeam. I was hoping that I could trade copy each account, so ideally only using one instance of SC. When I look at trade entry, all five accounts would be listed as an option on the trade entry.

I would like use one data feed. I would only be using one computer, as long as I can see all of the accounts under the one instance of SC I have open.
[2023-10-17 17:20:06]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
As long as you can access the accounts from a single login to your trading service, then one instance of Sierra Chart will give you access to all of the accounts. You would select the specific account you want to make the primary trade on through the Trade Window - refer to the following:
Basic Trading and the Trade Window: Main/C >> Trade Account (Selecting Trade Account for Chart / Trade DOM)

If you are wanting to them use our Order Allocation to Trade Accounts feature, then refer to the information at the following link for how to set this up:
Order Allocation to Trade Accounts
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Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing

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