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Date/Time: Sun, 26 May 2024 15:10:08 +0000

[User Discussion] - Why Pay A Platform Fee?

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[2014-07-24 15:07:43]
infpz - Posts: 826
40Winks, this kind of thing is of the utmost concern - we have some nice improvements coming through and we are almost there. Feel free to contact me directly if you continue to have any kind of data issue: pz@infinityfutures.com. Thanks!
[2014-07-24 17:20:18]
Marmany - Posts: 303
infpz, I also have been experiencing more disconnects with TransAct feed over the last few weeks. If these are due to your system upgrades is there any way you can email or message clients before implementing the upgrade so the we can close out live trades when there is a risk of Sierra going down?
[2014-07-24 17:27:18]
infpz - Posts: 826
Marmany, I will pass this along. Thank you.

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