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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 15:12:26 +0000

Switched to SC Data (package 5) and Daily/Weekly charts not updating live

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[2023-03-07 22:13:12]
User854802 - Posts: 41

I had package 11 with denali data. I downgraded to package 5 as I do not need live cme data anymmore. I switched to SC Data and I know I will have delayed futures data.

But now I am watching ES today (3/7) and the intraday charts were moving along fine with a delay, but the historical charts daily/weekly are still stuck on yesterday's close and not showing any candle for today.

I have tried:
- Reloading the symbol
- Clicking Edit-> Translate Symbols to Current Service
- Clicking Edit -> Delete all data and download

Nothing is working. It's already 5:12pm EST so the daily settlement is done and yet it is still not showing a daily candle for today (Wednesday)

Why is it not showing historical charts with a 10 minute delay also?
imageScreenshot_1.jpg / V - Attached On 2023-03-07 22:09:14 UTC - Size: 682.43 KB - 51 views
[2023-03-07 23:22:00]
John - SC Support - Posts: 30995
The main thing we can think is that you have limited the dates to display the data and have the end date of March 6, 2023. Check the settings for Chart >> Chart Settings >> Data Limiting >> Load Data Limiting Method and if it is set to Use Date Range, check the Date Range To on that same page. If it is set to any date (even if it not March 6, 2023) then remove it so it stays blank and therefore you will not be limited.

Otherwise, we do not know why you would have this. Is this chart, by any chance, in a Sub-Instance?


Separately, the account you have posted from is still on Package 11. As such, you will still get the real-time data as even though you have "deactivated" the exchange, you still have access to the data through the end of the month (since you pay up-front for the exchange fees).
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