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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 17:06:36 +0000

3 trading services on Teton and which Nasdaq package?

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[2023-01-25 15:14:54]
User725043 - Posts: 7
1. Main instance trading service is set to Teton -> FCM 1, in Sierra directory 1, trading CME Exchange;

2. Second instance trading service set to Teton -> FCM2, in Sierra directory 2, trading same CME Exchange product as FCM 1;

3. Is it possible to run a Third instance, Sierra directory 3, with trading service being set as Teton -> FCM3, trading same CME Exchange product as FCM 1 and FCM2?

4. Would prefer to add Equities data in a Fourth Instance and need the complete data set from the Nasdaq Consolidated Tape real-time. I read this:


so think the Sierra Chart Exchange Data could work but then read this:

Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed: Introduction

and seems the SC Exchange Data Feed is deprecated for equities as of 2022-02-28.

Could you please clarify which package I should select for this? If the SC Exchange Data Feed, is that data still from Barchart?

5. Will the running of the Third Instance (Teton->CME) or Fourth Instance (Nasdaq) put me past any threshold for Non-Pro designation or limit on Denali Connections referenced here below?

Denali Exchange Data Feed: Denali Exchange Data Feed Connections on Same Computer Simultaneously

6. For the complete setup above is it better to run them as sub-instances off the Main Instance or as complete new installations?
[2023-01-25 16:46:09]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21711
1. Ok.

2. Ok.

3. Yes, you can do this without any issue.

4. Having a fourth instance that gets data for U.S. Stocks is not a problem.

With regards to which data, the Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed is still available until we have the consolidated tape for the NASDAQ TotalView exchange on the Denali Exchange Data Feed.

But, each option has it's plusses and minuses. In particular:
- The Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed with U.S. Equities exchange does have the Consolidated Tape, but it does not have any Market Depth data.

- The Denali Exchange Data Feed with the NASDAQ TotalView exchange does NOT have the consolidated tape, but it does have Market Depth Data.

Therefore, the choice on which one to use is yours to make Either will work fine in the setup you are proposing as long as the NASDAQ data is ONLY accessed in the one instance, and vice versa (you can not bring in any data for the CME Group to this fourth instance).

5. No, you do not need to worry about that, as you are allowed 3 connections on a single system. But that is why you can not bring in data from the CME Group to the 4th instance getting equities. And why you do not want to open an Equities symbols in the other installations.

6. You can not do what you are suggesting as Sub-Instances (started with File >> New Instance). The Sub-Instances are setup to get data and trade through the main instance. So you can not have a different trading service in a Sub-Instance.
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