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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 08:17:29 +0000

Can't Draw Rectangles to Extend Forward Beyond 8 Days Ago

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[2023-01-18 14:16:12]
localman - Posts: 38
I'm not sure why but when trying to draw rectangles on an intraday chart I cannot extend the rectangle forward only backwards when I go back 8 days.

See the attached image for an example. The purple rectangles are only able to extend back and i have to manually drag them forward. If I try to project them forward they simply disappear.

Is there a setting that I need to adjust?

Thank you.
imageimage_2023-01-18_091541003.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-18 14:15:44 UTC - Size: 80.67 KB - 71 views
[2023-01-18 15:44:03]
John - SC Support - Posts: 33104
If you are using the Extending Rectangle, then there is no option except for it to extend forward.

Please get us a copy of the chart on which you are having this issue for us to take a look. Follow the instructions here:
Support Board Posting Information: Providing Chartbook with Only a Single Chart
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[2023-01-18 16:15:31]
localman - Posts: 38
OK here is the chart. There are very few cosmetic studies on there which I left in case they had any bearing.

Thank you.
attachmentForSC.Cht - Attached On 2023-01-18 16:15:07 UTC - Size: 5.02 KB - 117 views
[2023-01-18 17:59:48]
John - SC Support - Posts: 33104
The following link is the image of your chart with the Manage Chart Drawings window open. The Manage Chart Drawings window is showing that there are only 5 Extending Rectangles in the chart and the rest are regular rectangles. You can not create an extending rectangle from a regular rectangle, so if you wanted the ones that are not extending to be extending, then you need to ensure that you draw them as extending.

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[2023-01-18 19:07:10]
localman - Posts: 38
Thank you John. I honestly didn't even know there was an Extended rectangle tool. So I had been drawing rectangles and extending them manually with a right click.

Seems to be working now perfectly.

Thanks again and as always for your help!
[2023-01-21 15:52:16]
localman - Posts: 38
I am actually still experiencing weird anomalies while drawing rectangles and extended rectangles more than 8 days back.

Now when i draw an extended rectangle from before 1/12/23 it basically draws a rectangle that extends both ways and then when i try and cut the rectangle at a price intersection it cancels the forward extension of the rectangle and only extends backwards from the point of drawing.

Also the problem isn't limited to rectangles but any drawing I try to make that enters beyond 8 days in the past. For example i just tried to draw an arrow to denote where my rectangle starts since when it extends in both directions there is no clear beginning and it stretches the arrow off the screen backwards.

Lastly, is there a reason why my continuous horizontal lines from larger timeframes are not showing up as continuous lines but as fragments on smaller timeframes? See the circled fragment on the attached chartbook.

Actually looking at this again (sorry this is a much longer post than I intended) But it looks like for some reason my chart enters 2023 then goes up to 1-13 and then starts again at 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc. Kind of bizarre.

I've attached a chartbook to show the issue and encircled the area.

Thanks as always for the support.
attachmentForSC.Cht - Attached On 2023-01-21 15:51:45 UTC - Size: 5.16 KB - 77 views
[2023-01-23 14:22:42]
localman - Posts: 38
Any help with this is appreciated. Thank you.

Attached is a screengrab for quick reference of the issue.
imageimage_2023-01-23_092234718.png / V - Attached On 2023-01-23 14:22:36 UTC - Size: 73.71 KB - 73 views
[2023-01-23 22:08:18]
John - SC Support - Posts: 33104
The main issue to deal with is the dates at the bottom showing repeats of some January dates. That is definitely not a good thing.

The first thing to try and do is to delete all the data for the chart and redownload it. Select Edit >> Delete All Data and Download. If this is a Continuous Contract chart then you will be presented with a list of contracts - select all of the contracts to redownload the data. If there is a lot of contracts, then this could take a bit of time.

Let us know if this resolves the issue.


With regards to the Extending Rectangle extending in both directions when you first draw it - that is occurring because you have the configuration for the Extending Rectangle set to extend in both directions. You need to change the configuration that you are using to disable the option for Double Extend. Refer to the following:
Chart Drawing Tools: Drawing Tool Configuration


One item we noticed on your account is that you have the following exchanges active:
- CME non-professional top-of-book
- CME with Market Depth for non-professional Trading accounts

You do not need both of these. If you need Market Depth, then keep the exchange with Market Depth active and deactivate the other. Or do the opposite, but you do not need to be paying for both.
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[2023-01-25 13:41:45]
localman - Posts: 38
Hi John,

Thanks for getting back to me. Deleting and downloading did the trick. Thank you for that. I didn't have it set to double extend but I think that with the double dates it was basically pulling the rectangle both ways as that was fixed when the data was downloaded again.

Thank you for the info regarding my account i'll cancel the top of book.

Again, thank you as always.
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