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msg that account needs $4 deposit

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[2022-09-28 17:59:57]
User119122 - Posts: 21
I get a message that the account is at $0 balance and there is not enough money for upcoming monthly fee. I know and will be making a deposit of $46 around Oct 3rd. However, the message says I need to make a deposit of $4. Does that mean that I need to deposit $50 ($46 for Level 11 plus whatever this $4 fee is?). My package renews around the middle of the month. Is there any deadline for the $4 fee that is sooner than Oct 3rd? And what is the $4 fee (think actually $3.50)

Larry Peckham
acct# 31396
[2022-09-28 19:20:56]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 6330
Since you are using the Denali Data Feed, there is this monthly cost for the CME Group exchange fee:
Denali Exchanges Cost:   3.5 USD / Month

And that is rounded up to 4 USD when it comes to making a payment. So you do need to make that before October begins to avoid an interruption of the data feed.

And also your account does not expire until the end of October. It was extended at no cost until then.

Does that mean that I need to deposit $50 ($46 for Level 11 plus whatever this $4 fee is?).
Yes but the 4 USD needs to be done before the end of September.
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