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Date/Time: Fri, 27 Jan 2023 15:22:36 +0000

Simulation mode package

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[2022-09-26 16:04:58]
User814024 - Posts: 1
Hello Dear Support Team
I would like to use SIMulation mode
What king of package should I use?
How many $'s I have to pay?
I do not care about real time when trading in SIM mode.
Many Thanks
[2022-09-26 16:43:19]
John - SC Support - Posts: 21711
Simulation mode is available with all of the Sierra Chart packages.

Since you are wanting the Delayed Streaming data along with using Simulation mode, you would want to be on one of the Base Packages (Package 3 and 5). Refer to the information at the following link for the differences between these packages:
Description of Service Packages and Pricing: Base Packages

And refer to the following regarding the delayed streaming data feed:
Delayed Exchange Data Feed
For the most reliable, advanced, and zero cost futures order routing, use the Teton service:
Sierra Chart Teton Futures Order Routing

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