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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 03:44:56 +0000

DOM P&L column is blank

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[2022-09-25 20:16:32]
User598316 - Posts: 2
I am currently subscribed to NASDAQ Total View Data Feed with Service Package 10.
I use a quote board linked to my chart and trade directly from the DOM.
As soon as I started to use the NASDAQ Data Feed I was getting an error related to the symbol but then I read the following thread (Nasdaq total view with IB chart trading), downloaded the “convert_nqtv_to_ib_64.dll “ and added it as a study in my charts to make the Symbol conversion from Symbol Field: “Symbol-NQTV” to Trade and Current Quote Symbol : “Symbol-STK-SMART-USD” . I also set “Use As Trade Only Symbol” to “YES”. At this point Charts were working OK.
I proceeded to place an order through the DOM, it did not go to TWS and got the same error related with the Symbol. I then added the same study (the one downloaded that makes the automatic symbol conversion) to my DOM studies and the problem was solved (order submitted through the DOM showed in TWS).

The problem that I am having is that once the order is filled:

1.  The DOM P&L column is blank
2.  The Trade Window does not show any position.
3.  The Trade Window P&L box is also blank.
4.  The DOM and Chart Position line disappears although the Profit and Stop Lines are visible in the chart.

Please, any help regard these issues will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!!
[2022-09-26 07:21:01]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 11767
Refer to:
Interactive Brokers Trading Service: Trade Position Line or Quantity Disappearing or Displaying Zero
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