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Date/Time: Fri, 12 Apr 2024 23:44:46 +0000

SierraChart/CQG lack of datafeed speed in the DOMs

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[2022-09-25 08:39:22]
A.J. - Posts: 20
SierraChart/CQG + Broker: AMP Futures

Dear SierraChart-Team,

there is a performance problem with the datafeed in the DOMs with CQG. The speed from the datafeed in my just 3 open DOMs is much too slow and is thus not mapped correctly. All the charts are showing the correct price trend in each case at each time, but not the 3 DOMs. It looks like not all ticks that are traded are mapped.
question 1: what is the reason from this issue (filtered ticks? something else):
question 2: how can this be fixed:
Remark: I want to restart trading after several years time out. I wondered, why the price changes in the DOMs have suddenly become so slow. It is not my up-to-date trading PC, because I have checked other trading platforms with CQG-datafeed and all of them were much faster. I hope you have a solution for this issue, because I love your software and want to stay with it and your great service. (In former days I used SierraChart/CQG on my 9 screens 9 DOMs, plenty of charts at the same time and always the speed of data supply was excellent. What has changed? I would like to know that.)

Thank you very much for your time and support!

Best greetings from Germany,
[2022-09-25 09:04:37]
User150671 - Posts: 46
Multiple threads in here already about increasing DOM performance.

Step 1 would be checking the Chart Update Interval under Chart > Chart Settings > Display > Chart Update Interval in Milliseconds

0 is global which is 500ms by default I think - way too slow for a DOM but fine for general charting I guess.

I use 20ms for my Primary and Fast Markets (think NQ or CL), everything else sits on 50ms.

There has been a lot of research into perception speed - some studies suggest as little as 13ms is possible for the human brain to interpret an image, others suggest 50-60ms in normal light conditions is best case.

There is an argument for having DOMs in a separate Instance as well, in my personal use I have found this unnecessary, but depending on your use case you may find beneficial.
[2022-09-25 10:24:38]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 13896
Refer to:
Chart Trading and the Chart DOM: Improving Performance Of Chart / Trade DOM

The first thing to do is just open a single Trading DOM without any studies in an instance and lower the Chart Update Interval to about 50 ms, and then evaluate the performance.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2022-09-25 13:24:25]
A.J. - Posts: 20
Dear SierraChart-Team and dear User150671,

thank you very(!) much for your quick and very interesting replies! I will check it out tomorrow on monday.

I wish you a great Sunday and remain with my best regards,
[2022-09-26 17:01:51]
A.J. - Posts: 20
Dear SierraChart-Team and dear User150671,

it worked!! The datafeed quality is great and as it should be!!

Thank you very very much!! I wish you guys all the best and great profits!! :-)

With the best greetings from germany,

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