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Date/Time: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 17:00:37 +0000

Chartbook setup

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[2022-08-05 18:27:13]
User180572 - Posts: 1
Hi Guys,

I am a newbie via the 14 day free trial and tried setting my account up a couple of days ago. I am connected and get the green bar at the top, however I am having trouble loading any chart books to show.

I have downloaded and connect via desktop where I seem to have to desktop icons one & have tried to add a chartbook from a cousre I am doing, the file name is :
G7FXFOUNDATIONDOMCHARTBOOKupdatedJan2022.Cht which does not show after downloading via desktop. I have tried to download via -
> This PC > Desktop > Sierra Chart > Data

When I first connected there were some chartbooks showing but now there is nothing even though it is still showing green as connected.

[2022-08-05 19:11:41]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17794
To open a chartbook select File >> Open Chartbook. You should see at least 1 chartbook named "ExampleChartbook".

You should also see the chartbook from G7FX that you downloaded.

We have had a number of people stating that that chartbook does not open in the new versions and we have to update it for you. If you are able to select the chartbook, but it does not open, then check your Message Log (Window >> Message Log) and you should see something that states that the chartbook is too old to open.

If this is the case, then attach that chartbook to this thread and we will update it for you. Refer to the instructions here:
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