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Date/Time: Mon, 15 Aug 2022 09:19:44 +0000

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[2022-05-16 18:32:42]
User945040 - Posts: 1
AC98296, Hello , I hope you can assist me , I have upgraded to service package 11 and have a live account with AMP and have changed to CQG routing only as directed, however, I seem to be doing something incorrectly to get this set up. Have tried all the videos and AMP but wasn't really very helpful at all.

I have activated package 11 but seem to be getting delayed data, in the data /trade service settings do I use the SC all data services or do I still need to select CQG web API for trading. I seem to be going round in circles and any help would be much appreciated.

many thanks

Terry Poole
[2022-05-16 21:39:54]
John - SC Support - Posts: 17966
Since you are getting the data from us, the selection for the Current Selected Service in the Data/Trade Service Settings is about how you want to work with the system. If you want to stay connected to your trading account, then you would leave this set to CQG WebAPI. If you do not want, or need, to stay connected to your CQG account, then you can set it to SC Data - All Services, which means you will not be connected to any trading account.

The important thing, though, is that whenever you change the service, you need to update your symbols to match the particular service, as each service uses a different symbol methodology. Generally, when you select OK on the Data/Trade Service Settings, if you made a change, it will ask you to update the symbols. You would want to say Yes in general. If you forget to update the symbols, then you can do so by selecting Edit >> Translate Symbols to Current Service.

We mention all of this because one of the first things we suspect is that you may not have the correct symbols for the selected service. Therefore, choose which service you want to set your system to for now, and select Edit >> Translate Symbols to Current Service to ensure you have the correct ones.

Then, follow these instructions to get us your Message Log:

Follow the instructions here to clear the Message Log:
Message Log: Clearing the Message Log

Open a chart for the symbol you have an issue with. Tell us that symbol of the chart.

Disconnect from the data feed with "File >> Disconnect".

Connect to the data feed with "File >> Connect to Data Feed".

After the connection and after about 10 seconds, provide a copy of the Message Log following these instructions:

We will then determine what the problem is.
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