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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 15:46:11 +0000

Historical data in Global data feed India

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[2022-05-01 06:50:41]
User749673 - Posts: 13
Dear Team,

Sierra chart offered API initially to Global data feed India but as a customer we are not able to get historical bid ask data in number bar for non logging hours. In Sierra chart data feed we get Full Historical bid ask data for prior days . Recently sierra chart supplied new API to Global data feed but it is still showing zero bid ask in Number bar.

Global data feed and myself with other 6 customers interacted with Mr Anthony who assured to set right and fix it . We are still struggling with zero bid ask data in number bar whenever Internet goes off and comes back after 5 minutes . If we do not log in for 1 hour, while logging we get zero bid ask for that prior one hour .

We pay 36$ to Sierra chart for level 5 package and equal amount to Global data feed every month but still suffering with zero bid ask historical data .

Sierra chart is a most stable Trading platform and Support is world class around the clock

Can you please expedite to fix this issue on top priority?


[2022-05-06 15:08:04]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 2706
We apologize for the delay. We are still looking into this issue. It is an involved process because we cannot identify the issue unless we use the data feed ourselves and we are getting set up with it.
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[2022-05-12 13:43:09]
SCUser1 - Posts: 5
Hello Team,

Do you have any updates on this issue,

its still not fixed and issue persists,

Could you please share any update with us.?

[2022-05-29 14:09:21]
User749673 - Posts: 13
Dear Team

It is an issue persisting from the beginning of sierra chart alliance with Global data feed . Latest API released by Sierra chart emits zero in bid data in number bar in historical data feed . As you opined

1.you better put the global data feed data in real time with number bar in 5 min time frame for NIFTY-I.NFO symbol .It is absolutely working fine
2.you log out and log in after 11 minutes, you will be receiving erratic or zero fill for last 10 minutes in number bar

We are paying 36$ to sierra chart and equal amount to global data feed every month . Request to fix the issue quickly to increase the customer base in India . Lot of my clients are reluctant to switch over to sierra chart due to this historical data feed issues .

I sent several mails to Mr Anthony and he too interacted with Global data feed recently but still no light at the end of tunnel

If customers ask some extra features Sierra chart can say " We are quite busy with other important pending works" but what we are asking is correct and perfect API for Historical data feed fills for no logging hours though GLOBAL DATA FEED

Please fix on top priority basis

[2022-06-13 17:03:07]
SCUser1 - Posts: 5
Hello Team,

We were told by GDFL representative that sierra chart engineering team is working on providing separate version of sierra so that up/down tick only datafeed can be assembled into historical ask/bid data.

kindly please confirm us the same,

Been waiting on this fundamental feature for quite long time,

Kindly please respond.

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