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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 01:50:38 +0000

data is delayed?

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[2022-04-01 15:27:04]
User338653 - Posts: 5

I pay for my data but it's coming up as delayed? can you let me know why this is?

[2022-04-01 15:31:32]
Jaydtrade - Posts: 30
My Data is also delayed. Didn't want to make the same post. Just activated it about 30 min ago. Its delayed by a couple minutes. I have denali feed and I activated the CME market depth 11USD. I have the data services set to the attachment below. Is there anything I am missing?
imageSC DATA SETTING.png / V - Attached On 2022-04-01 15:31:28 UTC - Size: 14.23 KB - 26 views
[2022-04-01 18:11:15]
John - SC Support - Posts: 16924
In both cases we need to see your Message Log. Please follow these instructions:

Follow the instructions here to clear the Message Log:
Message Log: Clearing the Message Log

Open a chart for the symbol you have an issue with. Tell us that symbol of the chart.

Disconnect from the data feed with "File >> Disconnect".

Connect to the data feed with "File >> Connect to Data Feed".

After the connection and after about 10 seconds, provide a copy of the Message Log following these instructions:

We will then determine what the problem is.
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[2022-04-01 18:24:48]
Jaydtrade - Posts: 30
Someone called and got my issue resolved the data is now current thank you!

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