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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 15:22:42 +0000

Market Depth Historical Graph Study - Trading DOM

[2021-10-15 20:33:08]
RdUbz - Posts: 5
Hi, whenever I add the Market Depth Historical Graph study to a standard trading DOM (not a DOM attached to a chart, but a regular trading DOM), the study "works" for a period of time, but then stops working. Meaning, it will highlight an area where there's a large order, but once that order has been pulled (or executed), it still shows an order is there/highlights the price like nothing changed. After a while (I do not have an exact time frame), the study stops working altogether. Meaning, it won't show any depth at all on the screen. I know this as I have this study on regular charts and it works, and of course just looking at the bid/ask you can see the size resting. If I do a recalculate and reload of the trading DOM, the Market Depth Historical Graph will come back, but then again after a while, it just stops working and disappears. I have the same settings set in the study that I am adding to the trading DOM as I do on the regular charts and it works fine on the regular charts. I am wondering if this study is just not compatible with the 'Trading DOM'.

[2021-10-17 15:55:35]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12470
if this study is just not compatible with the 'Trading DOM'

It is not compatible. The Trading DOM, although a chart into itself, has limitations on the studies that will work on it. The Market Depth Historical Graph is one study that definitely will not work correctly on the Trading DOM.
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[2021-10-17 16:12:05]
RdUbz - Posts: 5
Ok thank you, that's what I figured!
[2021-10-19 02:42:14]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 98792
Additionally, we cannot help troubleshooting the issue on a Trading DOM. You need to use a standard chart. It is impossible to understand what is happening with lack of chart bars on Trading DOM.
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[2021-10-20 13:10:14]
RdUbz - Posts: 5
I understand. I am using the Trading DOM instead of a DOM attached to a chart as with the Trading DOM, I can use the scroll wheel on my mouse and it moves the DOM up and down. With a DOM attached to a chart, scrolling zooms in and out which is what I want for the charts - but not for a DOM.
[2021-10-20 15:04:39]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12470
Just so you are aware, you can change the mouse scroll action. Refer to the following:
[2021-10-20 15:17:47]
RdUbz - Posts: 5
Yes, I do know of this setting. But it's a global setting. I want all charts to have the scroll function for zoom in/out. But if I do a chart and attach a trading DOM to it, it will zoom in/out rather then scroll up and down like a standard trading DOM does. Unless there's a per-chart setting for the scroll wheel function.
[2021-10-20 15:55:38]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12470
There is not a per-chart scroll wheel option. We just wanted to make sure you were aware of the options available to you.

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