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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 19:11:05 +0000

Post From: Market Depth Historical Graph Study - Trading DOM

[2021-10-15 20:33:08]
RdUbz - Posts: 5
Hi, whenever I add the Market Depth Historical Graph study to a standard trading DOM (not a DOM attached to a chart, but a regular trading DOM), the study "works" for a period of time, but then stops working. Meaning, it will highlight an area where there's a large order, but once that order has been pulled (or executed), it still shows an order is there/highlights the price like nothing changed. After a while (I do not have an exact time frame), the study stops working altogether. Meaning, it won't show any depth at all on the screen. I know this as I have this study on regular charts and it works, and of course just looking at the bid/ask you can see the size resting. If I do a recalculate and reload of the trading DOM, the Market Depth Historical Graph will come back, but then again after a while, it just stops working and disappears. I have the same settings set in the study that I am adding to the trading DOM as I do on the regular charts and it works fine on the regular charts. I am wondering if this study is just not compatible with the 'Trading DOM'.