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Date/Time: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 00:56:52 +0000

[Programming Help] - Chartbook Charts unnecessarily tagged for full recalculation issue?

[2020-11-25 07:49:42]
User92573 - Posts: 184 | Ending Date: 2021-03-20
Dear Support

I'm experiencing unexpected log entries - and charts tagged for full recalculation?

I have noticed that when I update studies, e.g. (show/hide) even a Simple MA on a chart in the chartbook the linked/associated studies (same symbol) are tagged for full recalculation as expected but at the same time many (not all) of the other charts are also being unnecessarily tagged for full recalculation.

In most of the cases I have monitored, it is the chart numbers that follow the one being updated that are tagged e.g. show/hide a study on chart #48, tags #48 and above. The same action on chart #1, seems to tag chart #1 and above for full recalculation. This is why I feel there is some form dependency being retained when charts are duplicated?

These are different symbols and not linked to the chart being updated. The only two common elements is that they were created using the 'duplicate chart' option in the chart menu and 'apply study collection' >> after which the symbols, links and references where applicable were changed/updated.

Could there be a legacy issue or retention of some parameters whereby Sierra Charts believes the link still exists?

I have noticed this in the past and rather than deleting all charts/studies and starting again from scratch as I've done previously, is there a solution to remove any unnecessarily retained dependencies?

Many thanks
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[2020-11-25 09:11:00]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 92907 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
This is explained here:
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

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[2020-11-25 11:03:51]
User92573 - Posts: 184 | Ending Date: 2021-03-20
Dear Support

This is still causing major issues as I'm noticing that full recalculation occurs even when changes have not been made. This results in everything such as scrolling, changing chart focus etc. to almost freeze - certainly to a point the charts are unworkable until the recalculation has completed.

I've already been through the suggested section in detail and resolved that as you suggest its definitely down to charts that reference other charts.

Not Study Collections AND not Duplicate Chart.

The study is based entirely on Sierra Charts own example which is presented as the correct way to program this specific study, and which can be found in:

SCSFExport scsf_ReferenceDataFromAnotherChart(SCStudyInterfaceRef sc)

So I had assumed this example would already deal with any possible issues it may create as a result of its use.

Would you please review the example study to ascertain why SC's own example is causing the "tagged for full calculation" on even a small number of charts - unless of course this is a required action.

That would help me enormously.

Many thanks

PS Even making changes to a chart (such as hide/show a study) that 'does not' include any study which references another chart - will cause a "tagged for full recalculation" of all charts in the chartbook 'that do' have studies reference by other charts.

The biggest issue has to be re-calculation without any user event having been made. This can have a real impact when trading and the chartbook itself decides it needs to complete a full-recalculation.

Thanks again. Great Support/Platform!
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