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Exchange Fee question and related

Support Request:
[2017-12-26 15:51:11]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
I will be subscribing to Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed, Sierra Chart Historical Data Feed and Service Package 5 after complete the free trial.

Question # 1: When using Interactive Brokers and paying for exchange fees through IB, must I pay for exchange fees through Sierra Chart in addition please?
Question # 2: Are Market Statistics included with the subscriptions I list above or is that a separate subscription? If separate how and where do I subscribe.
Question # 3: Regarding Sierra Charts Symbol Limits, is that determined by how many symbols I have listed in the QuoteBoard at any given time? If so, does removing symbols from the QuoteBoard reduce my total symbol count?
Question # 4: Regarding entering trades on IB's TWS, when I input a symbol either into the Order Entry box or click on a symbol in the IB Monitor watchlist, can the API instruct Sierra Chart to populate a chart (or charts since I've set up linking) with the symbol I input into IB? Otherwise I assume I'll have to re-key the symbol into the SC QuoteBoard using IB's symbolology whenever I enter a trade on a different symbol.
Question # 5: Safety of entering trades on TWS, will that solve a lot of the IB deficiencies SC describes regarding IB/API?
Question # 6: I have two email addresses: sandyawty@yahoo.com and sandyawty@gmail.com. I'd prefer to change this subscription for notifications to sandyawty@yahoo.com. Could you arrange that please?

Thank you in advance. For efficiency I won't thank you again later.

PS: I'd like to compliment you and Sierra Chart on the intelligent, thorough, articulate and grammatically correct documentation.

[2017-12-26 23:52:05]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65106
1. Yes.

2. This is included with all packages already:

3. Refer to:

4. This is not supported.

5. Not really sure what you are asking here. It is totally fine of course to enter your orders through TWS and you can also enter them through Sierra Chart. We do not think you will have any serious problems but you should always confirm orders and positions through TWS. That really is what is important to do.

6. To change your Account Information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, password), login to the Account Management system located here:


Or, for automatic login, select "Help >> Account Control Panel", on the Sierra Chart menu.

On the Account Control Panel page, click the "Manage Account Information" link.
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