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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 00:56:12 +0000

Post From: Exchange Fee question and related

[2017-12-26 15:51:11]
WilliamA - Posts: 26
I will be subscribing to Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed, Sierra Chart Historical Data Feed and Service Package 5 after complete the free trial.

Question # 1: When using Interactive Brokers and paying for exchange fees through IB, must I pay for exchange fees through Sierra Chart in addition please?
Question # 2: Are Market Statistics included with the subscriptions I list above or is that a separate subscription? If separate how and where do I subscribe.
Question # 3: Regarding Sierra Charts Symbol Limits, is that determined by how many symbols I have listed in the QuoteBoard at any given time? If so, does removing symbols from the QuoteBoard reduce my total symbol count?
Question # 4: Regarding entering trades on IB's TWS, when I input a symbol either into the Order Entry box or click on a symbol in the IB Monitor watchlist, can the API instruct Sierra Chart to populate a chart (or charts since I've set up linking) with the symbol I input into IB? Otherwise I assume I'll have to re-key the symbol into the SC QuoteBoard using IB's symbolology whenever I enter a trade on a different symbol.
Question # 5: Safety of entering trades on TWS, will that solve a lot of the IB deficiencies SC describes regarding IB/API?
Question # 6: I have two email addresses: sandyawty@yahoo.com and sandyawty@gmail.com. I'd prefer to change this subscription for notifications to sandyawty@yahoo.com. Could you arrange that please?

Thank you in advance. For efficiency I won't thank you again later.

PS: I'd like to compliment you and Sierra Chart on the intelligent, thorough, articulate and grammatically correct documentation.