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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 19:29:04 +0000

Post From: IG Index

[2015-06-05 19:06:49]
DEA1 - Posts: 47
I agree, would be a real pity if integration was just for CFD accounts. Most active traders are spread betting because of the tax free flexibility: fx, index and commodity trading. CFD's are mainly for UK, European and US stock investors (If I wanted to trade whole contracts why would I choose IG with a 1.8 pt spread on the Dow, for example? I'd trade directly with an FCM/broker). Therefore, less need for such a sophisticated front end platform like SC. Of course, a front end like SC connected through fix gives the spreadbetter an advantage, maybe IG don't want their punters to have this level of control? On the other hand, the combination would blow all other SB competition out of the water. And would attract Institutional cash, I'm sure. If their execution policy is truly open, neutral and objective, what have IG got to lose?
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