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Post From: help with activation by phone number

[2023-08-22 18:05:28]
User375760 - Posts: 1
Hello, I recently created a new account and I am trying to connect to the SC Data - All Services service to test out the platform. When I first installed SC on my computer and logged in, everything worked fine. I had to install a previous version of SC to use a Chartbook I downloaded, and when I log in, it will not connect to any data feed and all the services listed say "Not enabled on package". I've gone through all the links and pages to see what I need to do, but nothing seems to work. The Account Control Panel says I need to activate my account, but when I go to the page for that, it says it's no longer required. When I try to follow the directions listed underneath that for activation inside the SC platform, there is no "Activate Trial" option in the application. What do I do?