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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 05:07:28 +0000

Post From: Draw in a separate space to the right of the chart

[2023-08-21 15:26:36]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29363
To lock the space on the right, use the "Lock Fill Space" option. Refer to the following:
Working With Charts: Right Side Fill Space

We can not say exactly how the lines were placed in the image provided. Given the space that exists between the last bar and the beginning of the drawing, they appear to be line drawings.

But, if you are working with studies (subgraphs) then you can specify a "Draw Type" of "Line at Last Bar to Edge" which will give you a similar look, except that it starts at the last bar, not a certain space over. Refer to the following:
Chart Studies: Line at Last Bar to Edge (ACSIL: DRAWSTYLE_LINE_AT_LAST_BAR_TO_EDGE)
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