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Date/Time: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 02:15:16 +0000

Post From: Data not showing up for NYSE, Futures ok, Denali data feed

[2023-01-27 01:13:31]
John M - Posts: 164
OK, Serious Question on the Denali NQTV feed.

I have FLNG-NQTV and FLNG as Symbol. It shows me some chart data.

Unfortunately, the chart data is for something other than FLNG, no idea what and I have checked this many times.

SC is showing the close for FLNG as 23.90 and the chart opens the day at 24.30

TWS, which is accurate, shows the close as 30.73, and the open as 30.55

I know this because my position basis is 27.67 initiated yesterday.

I have deleted and downloaded the chart data and get the same result.

I take a chart that I know is correct, enter the Symbol as FLNG-NQTV / FLNG and get the same charting error.

It's not that it's just incorrect, this is dangerous. What is going on here?

Charts for DVN, XOM, CVX, RIG are fine.

Does the NQTV data not have all the symbols available?

Thank you.