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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 03:37:29 +0000

Post From: Activation of Services/Connection

[2023-01-26 19:49:06]
skyfly93 - Posts: 11
Hi SC Support,

I need help getting setup with Sierra Chart. I have read through quite a few of the SC documentation but would feel most comfortable getting instructions directly from SC based on my situation. My goal is to trade futures on the Sierra Chart platform while using trade evaluator account services such as Apex Funding and Bulenox.

Based on this article - Easy Solution to CME Funded Trading Account Requirement
I have opened and funded an account with Edge Clear using the Sierra affiliate link. I have just received my live account number with Edge Clear today.

I believe the next steps for me are to purchase Denali Data Feed / Teton Routing + SC Service Package 11 (because this package offers TPOs and external connectivity).

I'm unsure how I will be able to connect my trading evaluation accounts with Sierra to trade on Sierra. I know the trading evaluation accounts use Rithmic but I'm not sure how the denali data feed and teton routing are supposed to work together with Rithmic, if those are supposed to work together at all?

Kindly asking for step by step instructions on what to do next to ensure I'm set up correct with SC to use the trading evaluation account.