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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 07:21:30 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2023-01-07 19:36:42]
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"WHO: Anti-Vaxxers Are TERRORISTS! - Governments Want You To REPORT "Conspiracy Theorists" To Police!":

"Propaganda Perpetuates the Pandemic and Censorship":


Those criminals dominating and controlling the world, now are perpetrating Covid Hoax 2. The same story as before. That there is some alleged covid virus that only exists in China and there has to be travel restrictions, lockdowns, prison camps for the allegedly ill, testing and masks, and vaccines ( death shots).

How many people in the world are going to believe this hoax.

Whatever new alleged deadly or harmful variants of this alleged covid virus, that supposedly exist in China, must exist everywhere else. This whole story is all about domination and control. The stories that the propaganda media runs related to this, have no basis in fact whatsoever.

If a virus variant develops as it spreads around a population, this is going to happen anywhere in the world. Not just China. And yet we are not seeing the same mass infection and death as promoted by the propaganda media, anywhere else in the world.

Of course the truth is, disease is nothing new in this world. Every individual knows how to take care of themselves best with their own care, and care by those who they request help from. Governments do not know what the hell to do at all. They simply cannot. If you have taken, these covid vaccines or flu shots, you are contributing to your own illness because these things are ineffective and unsafe.

And how someone would be affected by an alleged virus, depends upon the state of their health and how well they take care of themselves. It is a lie to say a particular virus, is deadly or harmful. Assuming viruses even exist. People must question the existence, of viruses or certain types of viruses like respiratory based viruses. Or at least question, the that cold and flu like conditions that humans suffer from, are solely from viruses and not disregard the fact that they can be caused by environmental conditions that we are exposed to.

Doctor Mike Yeadon is even now saying that respiratory viruses do not exist. His Telegram channel:


And of course disease is being made up from nowhere, by inaccurate testing claiming cases that simply do not exist.

Apparently they have to perpetrate the story of some new covid variant, that evades immunity, and evades these alleged vaccines because the vaccines obviously never would work to begin with for a virus that has never proven to even exist.

How is it, China has severe lockdown for more than a year and control conditions, then they bring that to an end and suddenly there is all of this mass death in China? The substantial death always would have existed from the beginning of the lockdowns if there is some deadly contagious disease going around. The fact is, it is all a lie. If there is truly mass death in China it is because the people are deliberately being killed for some other reason rather than through some alleged pathogenic virus being spread around through the air. That would not be a reliable means to kill people.

Current hoaxes in the world:
-The free, accurate and fair election hoax (Overthrowing the will of the people and governments)

-Climate change hoax (destroying farming, destroying livestock, destroying energy and energy infrastructure because of the hoax. All of which will lead to starvation, power outages, people freezing and being stranded)

CO2 is natural. It is a natural gas. It is part of the system of life on this planet earth. It does not generate any heat in and of itself. It is a very very tiny tiny percentage of the Earth's atmosphere. The general temperature conditions on this planet are controlled by the sun, by the placement of this earth relative to the sun and that obviously changes from region to region, during the seasons, and the insulating layer from the Earth's atmosphere. At best an increase in CO2 is going to cause a very tiny change in the insulating layer of the earth. That is not going to cause an ongoing warming problem. That is a pure hoax.

That is why the climate lunatics had to go from global warming to climate change. If the insulating layer of the earth is thickening from CO2 , which is actually tiny and insignificant, then at best CO2 will be a temperature moderator if even that. It will not create temperature extremes but the opposite.

Insulation is simply going to slow down the process of heat transfer. So if you have a insulated cold area, and then project heat through the insulator, it is going to take the cold area, longer to warm up. If there is an insulated warm area, with cold on the other side, it will take longer for the heat transfer of the warmth to the cold. There is not going to be any kind of ongoing temperature buildup.

The rotation of the earth and the seasons of the earth simply prevent that from happening. So between the rotation of the earth, and the orbit of the earth around the sun, and the Earth's atmosphere, you have a properly balanced climate system. A small change in CO2 is not going to make any difference. Here is another way to look at it. Look at the size of this planet and its mass. Look at the overall atmospheric content of the earth. Look at the massive energy from the sun that is continuously striking the atmosphere of this planet and being moderated by the atmosphere, and the rotation of the earth on its axis and the rotation of the earth around the sun. 400 parts per million in the atmosphere of CO2 is not going to make any measurable difference in the climate of this planet. There are massive other things that go way beyond this which are controlling the climate of this planet. This stuff is all very basic.

Man-made catastrophic climate change is a damn hoax aside from deliberate geo-engineering.

And no we are not a climate denier. Clearly this planet Earth does have a climate as all planets do and it is functioning normally. Best thing to do is not to set off nuclear weapons, through atmospheric testing or war. But the lunatics in control of this world, want exactly that. And not do geo-engineering either. Geo-engineering is another problem going on in this planet.

The photons of the sun are not going to be impeded by CO2 through the atmosphere. They are going to impact the atmosphere, and warm it through kinetic energy. And once nighttime comes, and once fall and winter come, there is simply going to be cooling. The process of cooling will slow down if the insulating layer of the earth is increased but it is barely being increased from CO2. And once winter time comes, it is going to be cooler/cold and the spring and summer warmth goes away. Simple as that. There is not going to be any retained warmth from the summer time. Whatever retained warmth there is, is going to be from other areas of the planet, circulating through the climate system of the planet.

There is not man-made catastrophic climate change occurring. And even if hypothetically there is, There is nothing that can be done about it. Locking people into their homes and telling them they cannot leave their neighborhood is not going to make a damn bit of difference.

The average daytime temperature of the moon is 224.6 degrees Fahrenheit (107° C) because it has no atmosphere!

More information on CO2:



To be clear, the issue here is the allegation of man-made catastrophic climate change. There is no evidence to support this. If the CO2 emissions, from the use of hydrocarbon fuels, which is so essential for life on this planet, is increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as compared to the hundreds of or thousands years previously, and the thermal properties of the earth's atmosphere, is measurably changed, then this might seemingly have an effect upon climate. However, there are much much bigger things in the solar system, and the earth's atmosphere, and the water content of this earth which have a much bigger effect on climate than CO2.

In any event, certainly there are large CO2 emissions, in the history of this planet, through natural causes like volcanoes. There simply is no concern whatsoever at this time related to CO2. That is a pure damn hoax. Human activities, are not affecting the climate in any catastrophic way, other than potentially deliberate geo-engineering.

The issue is when the unelected bureaucratic tyrants, believe it is bestowed upon them by God to start taxing cows and locking people up in their homes and somehow they are going to save the planet, that is where there is a problem. And a real problem.

This is why it is essential, to realize all of this climate alarmism, has one objective and that is domination and control of humanity and the implementation of communism. This directly relates to covid and the implemented controls related to that. It is all a technique to confuse the masses, and implement communism without the people realizing it. Or justifying it in some way to them.

It is important to understand, that climate alarmism, and taxing cows and taxing CO2 emissions and locking you up in your house, and having you ask for permission to leave, is all about the implementation of communism and those people who are working towards the implementation of all of this do not give a damn about the this planet Earth. If they would care about this planet earth, they would not be driving humanity towards World War III which is likely to go nuclear.

-Nitrogen hoax (trying to close down farms because of this, effectively starving us)

-Russia/Ukraine/US/NATO war hoax (The hoax is regarding the Western propaganda media explanation for the war and war events, basically blaming Russia for everything. There is disregard as to when and why the conflict began and the true participants in the conflict from the very beginning which included US interference in the country of Ukraine. This is leading the world into a guaranteed World War III)

-Covid hoax.

Worldwide communism is being implemented at this time. No one is safe. Nowhere is safe. We are all in very grave danger. Stock up on food, and gain your independence. Governments are not on your side but out to control and dominate us, and take away our freedom. Every individual knows what is best for themselves. People must be free. Governments cannot even balance a budget. They lie repeatedly. They push this covid garbage and these toxic shots being produced by criminal pharmaceutical companies. All of this is pure damn communism.

This is not meant to be an anti-government message, but a message that the current state of governments at least most of them and the ones that dominate, are operating in an absurd and deranged and pure communist manner. We need a massive decentralization down to individuals and their communities where people are able to run their lives and their communities, according to what they see is proper based on the circumstances. Certainly rules are important, but those need to arise locally and not from some distant unelected government running fake elections.

This world is headed towards an unelected bureaucratic world government. This is not going to stop. It will be established and it is going to eventually fail and it is going to be very disastrous for this world.
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