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Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-11-26 17:17:05]
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World Premiere: Died Suddenly:

"Dr. Mike Yeadon: “I Didn’t Do My Homework” – “I’m Ashamed That I Was Pro-Vaccine”":

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Former Pfizer allergy and respiratory research chief scientist.

Several videos attached.

Previously we have called these alleged "covid vaccines" death by lethal injection shots. Some of those who have been promoting the shots, because the shots will allegedly protect other people, are communists and socialists. It is never more important than to simply think for yourself. And pay attention to no one.

Worldwide communism is being implemented at this time. This is now more important than ever, not to participate in it. Not to do anything to support it or think it is good in any way. It is not.

And this is the problem of taxation and central banking. It is pure slavery and theft. They try to give the illusion tax is for the public good or it follows democracy. Nothing is further from the truth. In a modern populated world, there are so many free market and nonviolent, and efficient alternatives to fund services which could be considered in the domain of the public, rather than theft of the savings or income from a business or person through what they call tax.

When an organization is given the power to commit theft from people, and borrow in their name, and spend in their name, and most importantly create money from nothing, this is the result:

This is not a result of not taxing enough. It is a spending problem and the power they have to create money from nothing, that they all force us to use. The creation of money is an indirect tax on the people by devaluing money that we all have and therefore creating an indirect tax through inflation.

This is once again the danger of the systems of control that we live under. There is no democracy. Not only due to election fraud which is rampant at this time throughout the world but a democracy simply does not work on a large scale. There is a ruling class, which at this time, is accountable to no one other than to Satan.

There is one representative, per 621866 people in the United States. One person cannot possibly represent that number of people. Naturally due to the influence of those with money and power over the elected people in government, and growing populations, the continued ongoing growth of government spending and laws, a government which has authority over a geographical area, just simply becomes a corrupt, illegitimate, inefficient and destructive operation.

Another way to say it is how can a small group of people (536 elected people) in the United States federal government relative to the 334 million people in the country, steal the people's money and additionally on top of that create debt of 95,000USD per person, be able to efficiently manage the money and the spending and be good stewards of that money and truly care about good money management and efficiency. They simply cannot. It is a complete impossibility. Nobody is in control. It is an out-of-control, lunatic deranged system.

Most of the elected people within government, view themselves as a self entitled class that can do whatever they want. When the people merely take a stand in front of their building at the Capitol in Washington, to ensure that they follow the Constitution, then they claim somehow this was like an attack on Pearl Harbor. This is the absolute insanity we live under.

This is why a decentralization is absolutely essential and that is why we must take control of our lives and not participate in the system any longer to the extent possible. And this is why, people must say no to this "vaccine" garbage. This is evil, this is communism, this is slavery, this is murder. And that is all it is about. It was never about your health. It is/was about damaging you and dominating you and killing you.

The systems of control that we live under, will destroy us all. World War III has precisely begun as a cover, for this whole debt scheme among other reasons. They are intensifying the war further by continuing to supply US/NATO arms against Russia. And then also doing various things to intensify the collapse of the existing financial system. Very dangerous and very evil situation. This is not some war happening over in Ukraine. It will spread. It will be a very dangerous situation for us all.

And they want to collapse the existing financial system so they can bring in the central-bank digital currency in order to have supreme control over people. To control every aspect of our lives and if people misbehave according to their definition, then they will lock people out of being able to live. And they are also going to have a built in automatic tax. Tax you at will and and for whatever amount they want. They will kill you at will when they say it is time for you to go, and then take everything that you have. All of this is extreme evil and domination and slavery.

This happens when people think someone should have control over their lives and to steal from them through taxes and be forced to use "government" money, and that somehow all of this will make them better off. This is not the way, things are meant to be, or God intends things to be for us. This can only be defined as pure evil.

Now what is the relevancy of all of this? The relevancy is that this whole alleged covid situation is about more domination and control over people by governments, some businesses (which may actually in many cases have been taken over in a hidden way by governments which we can now see with the Twitter files being released by Elon Musk showing the infiltration of that company by the US government), organizations with a lot of power and people with a lot of money and power, in order to dominate and control humanity.

All of what is going on regarding this covid situation, government control, creation of wars and World War III, taxation, money printing creating inflation, expansion of the IRS, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, and on and on, is all interrelated. It is a full on assault against humanity.

And that is why just simply saying no to all of this domination and control and recognizing how we are all being used in so many different ways. All of this is so essential.

People should recognize not to go along and just as important not to participate in, in any way, with all of this complete insanity right in front of us.

As Dr. Mike Yeadon has said in the attached video no one is going to come save us. It is up to us to save ourselves and our families and our communities and those fellow good humans of the world.

There are going to be many people in the world, perhaps massive numbers in the hundreds of millions perhaps billions, probably who will die and they are not going to know the true reasons why they died until they are enlightened after their death.

What is going to kill them? Many things. Toxic injections. Hospital death protocols. Famine (This is particularly concerning and is coming). Weapons of war including thermonuclear weapons. Infrastructure destruction causing people to die of lack of heat and energy. Many other things as well.
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