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Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-11-05 07:39:14]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 15496
"Uncensored: BOMBSHELL Team Enigma Whistleblower! US DoD Plan to Exterminate Population – Sasha Latypova, November 4, 2022":


It has always been clear that there is a depopulation objective and an objective to kill and injure people with these toxic shots labeled as "vaccines".

Some people believe, that it is up to the individual person to make their own decision as to whether they want so-called "vaccine" or not. The problem is people are not informed as to the truth of what are in these "vaccines", and what the true purpose of them is.

Another thing is what is the origin of this so-called alleged virus. And do viruses even exist to begin with. And if they do, was there really some new virus that is truly different than from something else that has already existed. These are all good questions. But one thing with certainty is it does not make sense that there was one point of origin of this virus like for example from a Wuhan lab leak.

There is also the belief that it came from a US lab within the United States.

If respiratory viruses are real, it does not make sense it would have originated from one place. Logically and also according to Karen Kingston, and other researchers and doctors, you cannot catch a virus and the concept of respiratory viruses which can be spread around by breathing are just not valid.

In any case it does not make sense, that a leak out of a laboratory would spread uncontrollably throughout the world and maintain intensity for a significant amount of time. It was simply would have diminished significantly and quickly and be localized. Even if someone had traveled on a plane from the point of origin. This concept of disease transmission through planes is part of the hoax.

Update: We do not deny that diseases can be contained within people and those people can travel on a plane and then spread them around, but the problem is, it is very very clear, that it is part of the deception to instill fear into people and beliefs into people, that there is a disease spreading around by people traveling around the world, who may be infected, when the actual cause and method of distribution is something different or substantially different than that method.

The hoaxers make up all of these alleged variants and say a virus variant has arrived in Australia, it has arrived in New Zealand, it has arrived from Africa. Or it has arrived from Iran. The claim it arrived from Iran, was officially claimed in New Zealand. This is a blatant lie. If it came out of a Wuhan lab there are plenty of people, arriving into New Zealand from China every day, and that is how it came there, well before the border was closed.

Of course the illegitimate, criminal, despotic, marxist, child molesting / baby murdering New Zealand regime, will not claim the virus came from China, into the country because they do not want to offend China. They would much rather offend Iran. And of course do respiratory viruses even exist and was there anything new to begin with.

Update: The existence of transmissible and harmful respiratory based viruses is something we are not going to confirm or deny. Just asking questions about in order to apply critical thought to come to logical conclusions.

Being that this alleged virus allegedly exists everywhere, variants are just naturally develop and spread around everywhere simultaneously. They do not travel on a plane from one place to another. The variants already exist and are continuously going on. Any claim of some new alleged dangerous resistant virus arriving on a plane from someone is all a lie.

Of course more than likely, there was nothing new to begin with. Everything they are saying is a lie.

Does anyone ever ask the question, how exactly does a lab leak work? Did someone open a vial outside of a laboratory chamber and somehow it escapes out of the lab and causes so much trouble in the world. This just simply does not make sense.

If it is that easy to cause disease and death, and being these injections are there to cause disease and death, then why not just simply put some virus into the air and have people breathe it around, then everyone will be dead or become terribly sick. The answer is it is not a valid method of transmission.

It would make far more sense, the method of transmission, is through injections directly into people. Not through people just simply breathing. That would be a very weak method of transmission that would simply diminish and become ineffective quickly.

It can be logically concluded, that there were other methods to spread disease which were labeled as covid such as through flu shots. Additionally, there is simply just the marketing and hyping of just ordinary conditions as cold and flu's and labeling them as covid with these grossly inaccurate and meaningless tests: PCR and rapid antigen tests. These tests are simply incapable of true accurate precise detection of complex pathogens such as a virus.

Simply think logically, come to your own reasonable conclusions based upon common sense and do not pay attention to all of the lies being perpetrated even from alleged reputable sources.

And look at all the lockdowns, quarantine camps, that are going on in China and all of the daily testing assaulting people, in their noses , every day and all day long in China. All based upon these fraudulent PCR and rapid antigen test.

How come this is not going on anywhere else in the world and everyone else can live just fine? What is going on in China is there to enslave the people and condition them. And condition them into being obedient and going to quarantine camps and who knows what is going to happen to them at some point in the future in those camps.

But what we can learn from this, is that what we saw in the beginning in Wuhan back in the late part of 2019 and the early part of 2020 was never threatening and dangerous as we were led to believe because the Chinese are putting on this same show again now and clearly there there is no dangerous pathogen being spread around.
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