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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 09:49:02 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-10-23 15:23:23]
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9/11: An Architect's Guide Part 1 - Building 7 (R Gage Webinar - 7/13/22):
https://banned.video/watch?id=63511c8845c0ca16e045a733 (Sorry about the Info wars advertising. We are sure these videos must exist somewhere else but had not looked around for them.)

The Amazing Parallels Between 9/11 & Covid - Richard Gage911 - Red Pill Expo - July 9/10:

Richard Gage, thank you for this. Thank you for bringing this attention to more people. We have pointed this out, over two years ago when we raised the 9/11 false flag operation when putting out information about the Covid hoax.

All three buildings are clearly a controlled demolition. It is not reasonable to believe, that Osama bin Laden, and his gang of people, hiding out in caves of Afghanistan had anything to do with those demolitions. So therefore it can be concluded, the war against Afghanistan and also Iraq are based upon lies. Certainly it is well known by now that the second Iraq war was based upon all lies.

And now we have the proxy war, in Ukraine between US/NATO and Russia. Very very dangerous situation. Cannot see this resolving in any other outcome other than a very disastrous nuclear war.
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