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Date/Time: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 00:38:43 +0000

Post From: 3 Months Free Sierra Chart for Moving From Gain Capital, Transact, CTS to Teton Trading

[2022-09-01 14:09:10]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 13896
What exactly do you mean by this?:
- SIERRA crashed.

And start a new thread about this. We are locking this thread.

You could provide a video but generally we do not like those but go ahead in this case. Or we can do remote assistance session and look at the problem.

We suspect the problem could be related to:
High CPU Usage | Inactive User Interface | Poor Performance | Long Time to Load Chart Data | Charts Reloading Often: 30.23 - Chart Tick Size and Volume at Price Processing
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