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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 08:55:27 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-08-07 14:56:42]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 10501
Attached a short interview with Dr. Simone Gold, regarding their 60 days US federal prison sentence for merely speaking the truth.

Previously we said this about this specific matter on 2021-01-21 (About 19 months ago!):
This is just simply outrageous what the tyrants in the US government are doing to people who have done nothing wrong, and are explaining the truth about this virus and the appropriate treatment:

It is these criminal Marxists and tyrants who have unconstitutionally and illegally taken over the US government, who want nothing more than to put someone like this in jail on false and illegitimate claims. There is no longer any legal or constitutional protections which exist in the US. At this point the U.S. Constitution has been officially overthrown.

We were 100% right. These criminal Marxists who have absolutely no regard for the U.S. Constitution have put her in jail for 60 days. And this is just not someone else. If they can put Doctor Simone Gold in jail. If they can bring a completely sham legal action against Alex Jones, regarding the Sandy Hook incident and steal money from him based upon completely made up allegations, we are all in trouble.

We can all be taken away, to concentration camps, and have our freedoms lost if we do not comply. That is what is happening at this time. And that is why we are working to raise awareness.
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