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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 16:32:05 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2022-07-16 12:43:32]
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More intentional destruction of transportation:

With the sole intention to disrupt supply chains and logistics. Nothing more than domination over people, and stealing from them more through taxes and other methods.

Regarding this:

There is a clear and definite effort to get people and dogs and other animals to eat bugs. Humans and animals are not meant to eat bugs. We are not meant to eat bugs. The effort to get people to eat bugs is purely evil and satanic. There is nothing good about this or logical. Pure damn evil.

Here you have the Canadian illegitimate government committing theft against the Canadian people through taxes and then they are wasting it on this satanic bug manufacturing. This is pure evil and nobody should comply.

Good post by Counter Spin Media in New Zealand:

Counterspin Media
PRESS RELEASE - 15 July, 2022


Counterspin Media have, for some time, been at the forefront of calling out the massive fraud that is “Covid-19” [SARS-coV-2]. We have consistently stated that the so-called “virus” has never been isolated and purified from any “patient” anywhere on earth using the gold standard, Kochs Postulates. Rather, a fake method is employed to create a computer simulated outcome that has no basis in physical reality.

There is ZERO factual evidence to substantiate that the world is in the midst of a “pandemic”. Furthermore, we have been steadfast in maintaining our position that the “vaccine” is what is causing such loss of life and physical harm to millions the world over.

The PCR test, once the go-to for identifying “cases” was never fit for purpose. How could it be when it was never designed as a diagnostic tool. This is confirmed by the inventor of the PCR test, the late Kary Mullis. No isolated and purified “virus” logically equates to the inability to develop a test for it.

All lockdowns, loss of rights and freedoms, the destruction of economies, families being ripped apart, suicides, jab carnage, draconian legislation, division and the weaponisation of fear, have ALL been predicated on a lie; a scientific and medical fraud.

If “laws” are created and based on a criminal fraud, they simply cannot stand. No Man or Woman have any obligation whatsoever to adhere to such laws. It is the duty and the responsibility of those that have assumed positions of public office and service, to ensure they have in their possession, factual evidence on which to base their reasoning. We can confirm, there is no such evidence.

It is also incumbent on all government agents, Police and/or Military personnel to disobey any unlawful order and to investigate these claims of criminal fraud and crimes against humanity.

Every politician, every so-called “expert” trotted out to back the lies and those that have viciously attacked others for daring to question the accepted narrative, are all guilty of aiding and abetting a number of crimes against humanity.

When your establishment politicians, police, judicial system, military, medical councils, university “experts”, social commentators and media personalities fail the people and act in collusion to continue a criminal enterprise, you are in a lawless country.

You have every right to take whatever action is necessary to defend yourselves and those unable to defend themselves when under a sustained attack as you are now. You have every right to remove a criminal network that is using the perception of legitimacy to continue to provide cover for their criminal operations.

The entire 'Covid-19” fraud was the genesis, or the final move in the chess game that was to lead the world into ‘The Great Reset’ (New World Order rebranded). While many will read this press statement and think we are 'conspiracy theorists” we simply ask one thing of you, prove us wrong!

If any “alternative media” or platform, continues to play the “virus” game and has not joined the dots between “Covid-19” the jab injuries (fraudulently attributed to “variants” that have never been isolated and purified), the manufactured fuel crisis, food shortages, the climate change hoax and all other related facets of a much larger plan, then we advise you look elsewhere for your information.

People are being killed and we have a duty and a moral obligation to prevent more harm.


NZs Media Revolution
Facts & Evidence based
Not a pay to say platform


We have attached two videos as well.
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