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Date/Time: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 17:04:42 +0000

Post From: Move TP to break even

[2022-05-17 05:53:57]
User308424 - Posts: 42
Hey again John,

I use basic bracket orders in OCO Group 1. I have them set up like this (see attachment).
I do not add them after I place an order. They are added simultaneously with the order I place.
I do however change them after they are added to the trade (I move SL and TP up and down depending on volatility and other factors)

In Trade Management by Study I also tried to select parameter 'Attached orders to manage' from nearest to OCO Group 1.
This did not help unfortunately.

Any idea where to look further?
Thanks in advance for your time and effort on helping me with this topic.
Kind Regards.
imageattached orders.jpg / V - Attached On 2022-05-17 05:53:53 UTC - Size: 136.69 KB - 16 views