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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 17:01:50 +0000

Post From: Move TP to break even

[2022-05-12 08:56:29]
User308424 - Posts: 42
Hello John,
thank you for explanation.
Would you tell me what I do wrong as this seems does not work for me.
I used study Trading: Avarage price study as a basis. It draws a line at average price following the new orders that I place. It seems to be aligned with break/even line that I see when I place a trades.
Then I add Trade Management by Study and set it to enabled. And make a reference to my study Avarage price.
I add then the trade management study to my control bar.

I expected that once I have some orders placed with bracket order for SL and TP and I enable the study then my Take profit lvl will be immediately adjusted to the value from the avarage price study. But it does not work...
I add screenshot from Trade Management Study. Will you be so kind and check what do I do wrong?

Thank you
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