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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 16:19:49 +0000

Post From: Move TP to break even

[2022-05-11 16:13:22]
User308424 - Posts: 42
Hi there,
I know there is a possibility to make a shortcut button to move SL to break even.
What about moving take profit to break even?

If I have volatile market which goes slightly against me and if I press move SL to break even then it will move the SL to the breakeven but I will no longer have a SL order securing me from further movement against me.

Lest say I place a trade and market goes 5 ticks against me. I have SL at 10 ticks and TP at 20 ticks.
When I press button to move SL to break even then my trade will be closed only when price reaches my break even price lvl.
If price will continue to go against me I have no further stop loss order to close the trade.

If I would be able to move take profit to break even, and price is again 5 ticks against me then I am secured with my SL at 10 ticks and I can hope for price to return to my break even lvl and close the trade at that lvl.

Dear Sierra Chart Support, will be able to assist here? Thanks