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Date/Time: Fri, 21 Jun 2024 08:30:01 +0000

Post From: Integrating Denali Feed with Interactive Brokers for Trading

[2022-01-27 06:02:01]
SierraUser - Posts: 3
Dear Sierra Charts team,

I am seeking help with setting up to use Sierra Charts Real-time data and Denali feed, and Interactive Brokers for trading.

1) I have a subscription for the Denali feed and am able to pull the data for the ES Futures for charts when Service is set to "SC Data - All Services". However, when the service is changed to Interactive Brokers [Trading], it shows <Market Data Service error: No market data permissions for GLOBEX FUT>.

2) For NYSE stocks, when I switch the Service, it says "Symbol is unknown".

I have followed the set-up instructions: -
Interactive Brokers Trading Service: Setup Instructions
Real-Time Exchange Data Feeds Available From Sierra Chart: Integration with Trading Services

I have set "Allow Support for Sierra Chart Data Feeds" option to "Yes". I have also used the "Translate Symbols to Current Service" option.

Please kindly advise.

Thank you very much for your assistance!