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Date/Time: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 00:36:52 +0000

Post From: Data/Trade Service Setting

[2021-10-14 13:48:11]
John - SC Support - Posts: 12510
My problem is that when i'm connected to SC data-all services, i have all the continuous contracts. But when i switch to CQG WebApi where it's only order routing through cqg but data comes from denali data feed package, I miss all the data for expired contracts.

Keep your Current Selected Service set to CQG so we can troubleshoot through this. Changing it around only confuses things.

Check your setting for Global Settings >> Data/Trade Service Settings >> Common Settings >> Allow Support For Sierra Chart Data Feeds. Ensure that this is set to Yes.

If that setting is already set to Yes, then we need to see your Message Log by following these insructions:

Follow the instructions here to clear the Message Log:

Open a chart for the symbol you have an issue with. Tell us that symbol of the chart.

Disconnect from the data feed with "File >> Disconnect".

Connect to the data feed with "File >> Connect to Data Feed".

After the connection and after about 10 seconds, provide a copy of the Message Log following these instructions:

We will then determine what the problem is.