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Date/Time: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:26:05 +0000

Post From: DOM not populating

[2021-10-14 03:25:54]
Drew1904 - Posts: 25

context: I connected my Ironbeam account via CQG's API this evening. I currently have the Denali feed set up as well as having set up the delayed CME feedthrough SC. I also picked up the CME bundle through my FCM. This morning i was connected again via an evaluation account.

I have three separate logins, all to the same username. One through rithimic, one for Eval, and one obviously through CQG.

The issue is I am now having the DOM not populate at all.

I can see the chart DOM levels on the side of it, but the columns are empty. Same with the trading DOM.

I just updated to the newest version.

I have a feeling I am doing this to myself with so many things going on and maybe somehow simplifying what I have going on would solve the issue.

I would appreciate advice, thank you.