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Date/Time: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 18:57:42 +0000

Post From: Custom symbols not working with numbers

[2021-10-12 19:35:35]
Matt NL - Posts: 77
Thank you but I also tried intraday.

Here's a complex example that's working perfectly...

But if I do this (adding 2* at the beginning)...

..it won't work.

Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Another question... if I go offline / computer on standby during the day, when I come back and reconnect my data it won't pull down the missing data from when I was offline. So I get a gap in the middle. I can fix this by deleting and re-downloading all data again, but I don't want to lose all my historical data. Is there any reason why this might be happening?