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Date/Time: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 13:43:45 +0000

Post From: Chart Replay Reloads Data Slowly

[2021-09-15 01:26:23]
Marion2025 - Posts: 13

I am doing some backtesting using the chart replay on intraday charts with tick data. After I stop a replay, the chart reloads all the historical data, which can take several minutes. In particular, it is the long loading time of the historical market depth data. This make iterative backtesting very slow and tedious. Is there any way to disable this chart reload activity? It shouldn't be necessary to reload the chart data when doing replays.

I've gone through the documentation below but nothing seems to have made a difference

I've also reduce the "Max Depth Levels" to 20 in the "Sierra Chart Server Settings" but the load time for historical depth data is still very slow

Also, I have 128gb of ram, SSD, and a 48 thread Xeon CPU, so I have more than sufficient hardware and do not experience performance issues in any other applications

A simple solution would be to simply have SC load the historical data once, and only once. It shouldn't require reloading all this data when doing replays

Thank you
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