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Date/Time: Thu, 13 Jun 2024 11:26:29 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2021-06-12 10:25:26]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This is a very important video for everyone on this earth to watch:


Post #8 (Above), made back in December 2020 by SC Engineering said this:

The other thing that is just simply so wrong about all of this purchasing of vaccines by governments, and all of this pushing of the vaccine is that people are losing the concept and reality, that there are so many other superior methods to protect and heal oneself.

We have our own immunity system, we have natural treatments and remedies to help with illness. This is where the focus needs to be.

Instead, there is the pushing of this vaccine by idiot and incompetent drug companies who only want to profit off of people and break down the will of people and do harm to them.

What makes them so smart. What makes them so smart to create a toxic substance, and do harm to people. They are bunch of dumb idiots, and only want to do harm to you.

And then we have the criminals within our governments, stealing our money and wealth through taxation, and wasting it on these toxic vaccines and benefiting drug companies. This is just plain outrageous. Why people continue to put up with this garbage is beyond belief.

Governments do not know how to manage it. They are hopelessly, and inherently incompetent. They are structured failures. Let people be free and make their own decisions and decide how to protect themselves according to their own research and their own intelligence.

Governments, and these big tech companies, and the elite, want you to be a slave, want to dumb you down, want to control you, and think you are an idiot.

If you listen carefully to everything that Doctor Michael Yeadon is saying in this presentation, he is confirming all of this. He said in this presentation "these are the most dangerous vaccines ever".

These vaccines contain substances, which have not undergone proper toxicology analysis. And the idea that they are just not going to do harm to people, is impossible. They will do harm to people. This so called "vaccine" is being pushed out to everyone including, teenagers and children. This is a crime against humanity.

The other thing, we should add, and Doctor Michael Yeadon says as well, is there are already existing and proven medicines to treat an infection with this alleged virus: Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and supplements like vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc ( these supplements are not mentioned by the doctor in this video, but by others who have experience with treating this illness).

We want to reiterate, what this thread is all about:

This was what was originally posted:
The situation in the world is not good and it is going to be very damaging to the free market and private business if people do not take a stand. Otherwise, we are going to be sleepwalking into a very tyrannical dangerous situation.

It is important, that individual business operations make it clear where they stand. Do they stand for freedom or do they stand for tyranny. We at Sierra Chart stand for freedom and decentralization.

SC engineering, can also provide a personal experience, to the tyranny in this world. We generally do not talk too much about our personal selves.

But we feel the situation the world is so dangerous and out-of-control, that it is important, to awaken as many people as possible and if it helps to share a personal experience, we will do that.

I live part of the time, in the country of New Zealand. This is not my birth country. I am originally from the US. It is a beautiful country, in the South Pacific. Rolling green hills, and lots of sheep. Very peaceful.

Sadly, it has fallen under, tyrannical, communist control at this point in time. Just like Canada has. And just like they are trying to do in the United States. The New Zealand government, at this point in time is out of control and a communist criminal regime who has no regard for the law or the country's Bill of Rights.

Even the native Maori people are very concerned with what is going on, and are working to assert their independence.

When I reentered this country, two weeks ago, I had to go through this process of "managed isolation". This is no different than prison. It is a rogue operation, designed to create fear, and is a tool against the country of New Zealand in order to forcefully impose the vaccine by creating an exceptionally high price for travel back into the country ( I can elaborate on that another time). It is absolutely completely senseless and unnecessary, and it is thoroughly outrageous the assault they are engaging in against people there including children down to six months old.

The NZ government will claim they are trying to protect the country against this "alleged virus". That is a pure outright lie. Any careful logical analysis, based upon fact, will prove that allegation 100% false. It is a tool of tyranny, and to violently control the New Zealand people. (You do not have to pay attention to what we have to say about this. Managed isolation is a form of lockdown. And a very extreme form of it, essentially prison. Doctor Michael Yeadon says that lockdowns are completely unnecessary. Everyone entering managed isolation, is already asymptomatic)

Of course New Zealand is not alone in what they are doing. They do this in Australia as well, and also some of the Pacific Islands. No other countries to my knowledge, do this for all people entering the country. Although thinking about it, Canada does this but I think the time is 3 days minimum and if they do not detect any of this "alleged virus", then you are free to go after that short detention. Of course they could pick up the ordinary cold or flu in these unreliable PCR tests.

And in Pakistan, now is going to be taking away people's Mobile phone SIM cards if they do not get this harmful "vaccine". What the hell? This is absolutely insane.:

All of these tactics to get people to take these established harmful "vaccines", are a violation, of the Nuremberg code.
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