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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 12:27:20 +0000

Post From: Problem with VXX (ETN) after upgrading t version 1100

[2014-03-03 16:08:09]
User30668 - Posts: 108
Hello SC Support,

I have upgraded today from version 1097 to version 1100.

With version 1100 I am now experiencing a problem with VXX (IPATH SP500 Short Term futures ETN) -
the Daily chart keeps reloading and flashing the following two messages intermittently:

"Downloading Historical Data. Bars may not appear until until complete" and "Historical Download Complete".

At the same time the chart title bar is also intermittently flashing the following two messages:

"VXX - IPATH SP500 Short Term Futures ETN" and "Continuous Futures Contract Pattern".

The VXX intraday chart is working normally. And all the other charts with different instruments are working well too.

I have opened a new chart for VXX but the problem persisted.

Now I have rolled back to version 1097 again and everything is working well, including VXX.

In case you need to know, for this kind of instruments I am using IB's data feed.

I am attaching some lines of the message log in case you need it.

Would you please take a look at this issue and fix it?

Thank you.
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