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Date/Time: Sun, 01 Oct 2023 09:50:59 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2021-01-26 07:03:39]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We challenge others to create discussions on the various subject matter within this thread. This is important at this point in time for everyone to be aware of this.

The reason this is just so important, is because it is so important to raise awareness and all people and businesses need to do this assuming they understand what is going on and agree.

This is why we quoted the US Declaration of Independence above (post immediately above). This is one of the founding documents of the United States. The US is a good portion of our user base. We would think no in the world would disagree with the US founding documents, at least in general.

So when even the US founding documents demonstrate that what is going on in the world regarding the tyranny being imposed upon people, is inconsistent with these founding documents, how can anyone disagree. And if we allow this to continue, we are all going to get enslaved.

One more thing, we were questioned about this thread, from someone in the industry. Perfectly fine. This was our response:
Thank you for this. I think that these times in the world are so out of balance with what is sane and what is logical that everyone needs to get back to reality and we are trying to help raise awareness as we see things. Everyone should do what they think is right regarding this alleged "vaccine" which really is very different than a typical vaccine and is unproven.

People should do their own research.

We are not telling people what to do. Everyone must make their own decision. But that's the problem. Are people really making their own decision. Are they making an educated decision.

With all of the censorship going on, are people really informed of the facts, or are they being misled and being told what others want to think is good for them.

Web browsers and operating systems (also software products) provide by default newsfeeds which are continuously bombarding people with information that supposedly is news but not news, and is really designed to condition people and influence their minds.

Why do web browsers and operating systems and mobile phones have newsfeeds, by default. This does not even make sense. Does anyone ever think about that? Does anyone realize that there is actually an agenda by technology companies to condition the masses of people in a direction which they want to direct people towards.

YouTube, removes videos that does not contain the narrative that they want. And then they are bombarding people with notices from the WHO.

I would also hope that these postings show the leadership of Sierra Chart is very keenly aware of the absurdities going on in the world and is very sane and is very stable. Now maybe someone takes it completely differently. Perfectly fine.

You have also major technology companies, called big tech, engaging in mass censorship. Which in effect is them wanting to indirectly impose their view upon their customer base.

So here we are, little Sierra Chart, with one thread that is not even at the top of our board linking to other information on the subject matter within that thread. Hardly a problem. Everyone including brokers and clearing firms should be doing what we are doing.

So a single thread on a forum, which says "off-topic" and people do not have to read and which contains a notice at the top that they do not have to read it, is not much of an issue in my opinion. It really is there to raise awareness from a viewpoint which they may not even have thought of or even are aware of.

And how did you come across this thread? I know someone linked to it on Futures I/O. We did not do that. So someone is now spreading this around. That's up to them. We are not advertising this.

So other businesses which are drastically larger than us, and in the category of software and technology, are pushing a view upon the masses, using various techniques, which the establishment wants. So if we try to keep people informed, on actual facts and reality in a tiny tiny way, that is hardly a problem and is not out of place even in the least. It is actually appropriate and we would hope others would follow in their own words.

Here is some interesting math:
There are 536 elected people in the US federal government (members of Congress and the president)

Current US population: 332,103,290

This means for every elected representative, there is 619,595 people. This is an insanely out of balance ratio. There was a Declaration of Independence way back in 1776 when the world was a much smaller place.

What better way for people to declare their independence, than to make their own decisions with their life. Rather than being told what to do through all of the bombardment of false information we are getting from mainstream media and big tech.
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