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Date/Time: Wed, 04 Oct 2023 09:52:04 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2020-12-14 04:56:49]
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Excellent presentation from Doctor Shiva:


"We are all slaves". So true. Everything he is saying is common sense. "Strengthen/Boosting the immune system". So true. So do not destroy it with a toxic vaccine.

We do not need criminals like Bill Gates pushing vaccines and disrespecting people's freedom, and human beings natural immunity functioning. It is really quite ridiculous this pushing of vaccines as if that is the only solution (when in reality it is no solution at all). Bill Gates has outright admitted, the intention of vaccines, is to reduce the world's population. He has on record stating that. And that is not a misstatement.

Overcoming control is what is important at this time.

This is why, we have a vision of a better model of trading and investing and connectivity. This is what we will work towards. And no it is not this crypto currency nonsense where nothing is backing those. There are some good technical concepts with some types of crypto currencies but they need to be properly applied.

What other platform, broker, clearing firm, exchange, has the courage to raise awareness about the enslavement of humanity, by a small group who wants centralized control which has proven to be, and which will be an absolute failure. Nobody else in our category, is helping to raise awareness. This is essential that everyone does this. It is also common that a lot of liberty oriented financial websites, do cover these topics as well.

And we are happy to be criticized elsewhere and made fun of, as if somehow were talking about things that people do not care about, or that we do not understand. This is all common sense. You do not have to be a doctor. Use your own good sense judgment.

The other thing that is just simply so wrong about all of this purchasing of vaccines by governments, and all of this pushing of the vaccine is that people are losing the concept and reality, that there are so many other superior methods to protect and heal oneself.

We have our own immunity system, we have natural treatments and remedies to help with illness. This is where the focus needs to be. Eating healthy. Breathing clean and fresh air. Getting exercise. Maintaining good health. Taking quality and effective vitamins where necessary or helpful. This is what we are referring to.

Instead, there is the pushing of this vaccine by idiot and incompetent drug companies who only want to profit off of people and break down the will of people and do harm to them.

What makes them so smart. What makes them so smart to create a toxic substance, and do harm to people. They are bunch of dumb idiots, and only want to do harm to you.

And then we have the criminals within our governments, stealing our money and wealth through taxation, and wasting it on these toxic vaccines and benefiting drug companies. This is just plain outrageous. Why people continue to put up with this garbage is beyond belief.

Governments do not know how to manage it. They are hopelessly, And inherently incompetent. They are structured failures. Let people be free and make their own decisions and decide how to protect themselves according to their own research and their own intelligence.

Governments, and these big tech companies, and the elite, want you to be a slave, want to dumb you down, want to control you, and think you are an idiot.

Look at the admitted wealth to the Bill Gates foundation with their investment in vaccines which are killing people. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft and they cannot even produce quality software. They are disrespecting users, creating mayhem, and producing poor quality software, taking away your freedom and spying on you.
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