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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 05:30:22 +0000

Post From: Issues with Global Profit/Loss Management and Trade Only Symbol

[2020-11-26 00:58:52]
User414533 - Posts: 97
I am continually getting stopped out for the day because the GP/LM is reading my trades as ES when everything else reads the trades as MES.

My trade window is accurate and reflects what's in my Trade Activity Log.

I have read the following links thoroughly!

Help With Daily Profit/Loss Value

Global Profit/Loss Management: Introduction

My symbols are all updated, correct, and applied globally.

One thing that I should point out that is weird: when I press "Apply Global Symbol Settings", MESZ20-CME disappears in the "Trade and Current Quote Symbol:" field. It's almost as if something is being rejected. I will then reenter the "Trade and Current Quote Symbol:" and press okay.

Then I try another trade again and GP/LM flattens me out for the day again.

Everything else trade-wise and record-wise works perfectly. It is ONLY when I enable the Global Profit/Loss manager, that things get screwy.

Again, something weird is going on when I apply global symbol settings. "Currency Value Per Tick" is also showing 12.5 which is the ES value. That doesn't seem to cause a problem with my DPL or Trade Activity Log P&L. If I try to change it to 1.25, it will revert back to 12.5 when I apply global symbol settings. If I change the value per tick back to 1.25 and hit apply, I still get flatted out with the GP/L manager.