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Date/Time: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 18:41:57 +0000

Post From: Off-Topic (Unrelated to Sierra Chart): Information Regarding a Worldwide Hoax (Covid 19)

[2020-10-25 13:49:38]
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Good video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKCTkLJbtT4 (Update: YouTube terminated the account of this user who did this video. This video was an excellent high quality production that has all turned out to be true with what is going on in Canada now.)

Of course it is going to get taken down off YouTube at some point because they want to suppress information because they are controlled by the New World order or believe in it.

So how is it that Bill Gates knows that another alleged virus is coming, is happy about it, and it is really going to get the attention of all of us. Obviously this is all planned.

The basic fundamental reason that all of these plans to change how the world works, money works, government works and cities and states and communities work, is that it is all about forced control from people/entities, often unseen and unknown, at a distance, who are unelected, and think they know how to manage things.

These things have been tried before and they are a complete failure and have resulted in serious wars and loss of life.

We are not saying that the way things work now is necessarily good. Certainly central banking, government money, government control, a lot of this is not good in the way that it works. Changes certainly need to occur for the better. However, further consolidation of power, by small groups of people who think they know how to manage things and who do not operate according to free market principles and freedom of choice, makes absolutely no sense.

The US government is operating beyond constitutional limits (as is all governments in the world. They all are a problem). It has an enormous amount of debt as they all do. These systems are broken. No matter which side you support, the outcome of the election is not going to be wanted for those who disagree with the result. And even those who agree with the result, the practical reality is the nonsense and the debt just continue. So in the end no one is happy.

How do you get the entire population of the US to agree on one leader of the executive branch of the government. You cannot. Why does the executive branch have so much power. Why has the U.S. Congress over time, given up authority that has been vested in Congress from the U.S. Constitution, to the executive branch. How many members of Congress even really stand for the Constitution. Very few. You really only have people like Rand Paul and Ron Paul, are truly stand for the Constitution. Whether you like them or not, at least they stand for the Constitution.

The fiat money system is breaking down and going to lead to major inflation. The government only knows how to print more money and throw more money at the problem. This is going to lead to greater market volatility. Just look at these large price ranges we see in the stock index futures at this time.

Increased Tick Sizes are going to be necessary in the charts you are using in Sierra Chart to improve performance when there is large market volatility.

People must be in control of their own lives and control must be returning back to individuals and their communities. Even state governments cannot even be trusted. Look at what we see with the tyranny in Michigan. And we can name other states as well. Only individuals, and their families, know how to manage their own lives. Not some bureaucrat, with some dream of some utopia. It has been tried before (communism) and failed. Maybe they think this is their last chance. Well, they are going to fail. It never works.

This mask stuff is all about training to be obedient. Just like at the airports, where they use these body scanners and they have you raise your arms and hands. Once again part of obedience training.


We saw that there was reference to this thread on the Futures I/O forum. The basis of that posting, is that we are discussing conspiracies. We have made reference to factual information. This is not a time to be part of the sheeple.

Our point is that the world is entering a dangerous point in time with expanding tyranny and severe loss of freedoms. And everyone must stand up and say no to this. Including businesses. That is what we are doing.

Regarding what was said on the Futures I/O forum from those who oppose or are making fun of this thread, they are just simply gullible. If they do not recognize the truth they are gullible for believing the lies given to them. And then they are gullible for reposting this thread of factual information.

And then there is one broker, who says that users do not want to read this stuff. This thread says "off-topic". And was only at the top of our support board for a weekend. You do not have to read it. It is simply formal official information from this business that we recognize the truth of the subject matter here in.

And furthermore, this is a very important information because the freedom of humanity is at stake. This is not something to be quiet about.
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